Grammy Award Winning artist H.E.R. has blessed her fans with an unforgettable stripped-down version of “Find A Way” from her debut studio album, Back of My Mind. Spawning hits such as “Damage”, “Slide”, “Could’ve Been” and “Best Part”, H.E.R. is an R&B powerhouse spewing her influence on generations to come. As someone who knows the true meaning of staying connected to your fans, she took to social media to share an intimate at home performance of her on the guitar singing a beautiful acoustic version of “Find A Way” debuted on Tik Tok.  

In the short clip, you will see the bay area superstar sitting strumming an acoustic guitar as she performs some of the song's lyrics with her soulful voice. Looking beautiful as ever dressed in black with vibrant red lipstick, and oversized glasses she reminds the world of the importance of finding a way to the one you love, no matter the circumstance, hardship or challenge that may arise.  As the single features Lil Baby and Lil Durk, H.E.R. candidly sings the first 1:39 which is solely her. Sending goosebumps down your spine, she uses her voice as an instrument to promote positive energy, love and hope to those that need it.

Some lyrics that you will hear her sing include “Went and gave too many chances to you n****s, I can't let nobody play us, yeah, I got in my bag, when I looked up ain't see nothin' but a bunch of haters, No matter how much money we went through, we never let the paper change us”.

As H.E.R. is a musician, songwriter and multi platinum recording artist, it is refreshing to see her humility and humble energy as we still fight to survive the pandemic. H.E.R. continues to show why she is the forefront of R&B and never disappoints her fans. Check out this dope clip of the superstar soulfully singing an acoustic version of her single “Find A Way” here.




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