Artists Josias, who is originally from Inglewood, California and Troopbrand, who comes from Mississippi, give us variety with the release of two new singles. With the help of ATL’s own producer, SE7EN, they create two different vibes for whatever mood you’re in, thus giving us Portal Pack Volume 1. 

The first single, Hot in the Winter featuring Troopband, introduces a raw jazziness sound. While listening, you could almost picture a dark room with wooden floors and a man playing the piano on stage. The piano, along with Josias’ song-writing and voice brings a form of nostalgia that we could all appreciate. 

Portal Pack then continues the maxi-single and introduces us to a smoother sound. Men Don’t Cry captures 2 minutes of self-awareness and pure vibrations. This song talks about generational issues being passed down from father to son with lyrics like, “I’m using my checks this year to buy my therapy.” and “Toxic masculinity just ain’t in men bro.” SE7EN reminisces on the make of the song: “I remember hearing his lyrics for the first time after playing him the beat in the studio and immediately getting shivers. I knew this was the one.” Josias opens up about his life and how he handles his issues. SE7EN added that, “I stopped everything and asked him what his intentions were with this song and suggested that we both speak our intentions over this record and “place” our vibrations inside the “vibrations” of the music, knowing how powerful and spiritual all of this is.”

The two songs are totally different from each other, just like these artists and their backgrounds, which creates excitement and shows transparency between Josias, Troopband, and SE7EN. Listen to Portal Pack Volume 1 below.

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