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Outkast's Big Boi Introduces Cliff To Atlanta’s Food Scene || InstaChef

Cliff pulls up in Atlanta to catch up with Big Boi, one half of the iconic duo OutKast, in his hometown where they try some underground eats that prove Southern chefs keep the most dynamic and comforting flavors in their spice cabinet. First, Chef Baul serves pork chop lollipops and satisfies Cliff’s everlasting mac & cheese craving. Then, they finish up with Chef Kodak, whose spinach salmon over Cajun pasta puts the “hot” in Hotlanta. Chop it up with chef Cliff Skighwalker on Season 2 of “InstaChef,” where he and his celebrity friends tour the country’s underground food scene! There’s a network of chefs delivering their food to people through Instagram, taking success into their own hands to make better lives for themselves and their families. Watch as chefs pursue their dreams, drop culinary gems, and do it all for the ‘Gram!


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