These are the projects most people overlooked or even I overlooked.. and also projects by artists most of us know but was slept on.


40. “Yours Truly Forever” by Phora

Been a fan ever since I heard “A Lil Liquor” a couple years ago and haven't been let down since then. “Rider” & “Facts” are my favorite songs.

39. “Confirmed” by Dame D.O.L.L.A.

AKA top 5 point guard in the NBA who can rap better than a lot of actual rappers without cussing, Damian Lillard. “No Punches” & “Boss Life” are my favorite songs.


38. “Sonder Son” by Brent Faiyaz

I didn't really like Brent Faiyaz when i first heard him but he's grown on me since this dropped. “Talk 2 U” & “Gang Over Luv” are my favorite songs.


37. “Vanilla” by Dylan Reese

Some of the songs on this remind me of the music you'd hear at a upscale club where you gotta wear button up shirts only. “Vibrant Thing” & “Color Blind” are my favorite songs.


36. “Buries” by Che Ecru

This is the soundtrack for the make-up sex or if you wanna get her pregnant. “Lonely” & “2 AM” are my favorite songs.


35. “Take Me Apart” by Kelela

I love the vintage R&B vibes I get from some of these songs, i'm mad I was sleeping on this for so long. “Jupiter” & “Truth Or Dare” are my favorite songs.

34. “No Mountains In Manhattan” by Wiki

I like Ratking's music but i had no idea wiki had this kinda fire on his own. “Mayor“, “Made For This” & “Litt 15” are my favorite songs.


33. “Let There B Lyt” by Daylyt

Willie B laced Daylyt with some heat and lyt flowed all over this, proving battle rappers can make good music. “First Breath“, “Queen” & “Day Electronica” are my favorite songs.

32. “Two Birds One Stone” by Euroz

Euroz really cold wit it, slept on is an understatement.. so many beautiful samples used on here. “Staying Ready“, “Slide” & “Aura” are my favorite songs.


31. “The Grey Gorilla” by Ramirez

Ramirez snapped all over this, Bone Thugs flow over some lovely sampled beats.. some of the best beats i've heard all year. “40z And Shorties“, “The New Jim Jones” & “The Mystical Warlock” are my favorite songs.


30. “E 14th” by GQ

The basketball player turned rapper, gem from Jamla Records so of course this is fire.. amazing beats. “Can't Run” & “Do You” are my favorite songs.


29. “Unite: A Relief Compilation” by Soulection

This project is full of beautiful ass sounds, audio bliss.. so much talent on this. “Silver” & “Velour” are my favorite songs.


28. “West 1996, Pt. 2” by Lute

This was so highly anticipated since i heard him on Revenge Of The Dreamers 2 and he didn't disappoint.. that vintage feel on this, Carolina's own. “Still Slummin'” & “Crabs In A Barrel” are my favorite songs.


27. “Paloma Beach” by Kota The Friend

I forgot who put me on to this but thank you.. lovely beats on here, a lowkey vintage vibe and the cover is dope. “Sacramento” & “Pasadena” are my favorite songs.


26. “Nightshade” by a l l i e

This whole project is smooth as hell, beautiful voice.. I slept on this longer than I should have too, amazing cover. “Broken Telephone“, “Let Her” & “Bad Habits” are my favorite songs.


25. “G.O.A.T. (Grimiest Of All Time)” by Conway

The Machine! highly anticipated and i wasn't disappointed.. legendary features on here. “Bishop Shot Steel” & “Mandatory” are my favorite songs.

24. “Laugh Now, Fly Later” by Wiz Khalifa

I like the new flows Wiz was using on this, there's even some vintage type Wiz songs on here.. even a vintage cover. “Letterman” & “Plane 4 U” are my favorite songs.


23. “Blue 89 C2” by AD

This shit is sooo west coast, nice ass beats and AD snappin' all over them.. i feel like i'm in cali listening to this. “Ridin' Out“, “Dreaming” & “Seen It All” are my favorite songs.


22. “Boy Who Cried Wolf” by wifisfuneral

Wifi probably has the best flow out of all the young rappers out right now, influenced by Bone Thugs.. oh and the beats are greatness. “Tic Tac“, “ItTakes2ToTango” & “Grim, Pt. 2” are my favorite songs.


21. “Dump Goat” by Tha God Fahim

One of my favorite discoveries of the year, keeping that vintage style alive.. dope beats too. “Apple Pie” & “Gettin' Money Togetha” are my favorite songs.


20. “Humaniac” by Lou The Human

Joe Budden mentioned him a few times and i never paid attention but then a friend put me on.. fire.. reminds me of a young Eminem but more enjoyable to me. “Halal” & “Macklemore” are my favorite songs.

19. “Sleep Is For The Weak” by Eli Sostre

Eli has been 100% from the field to me, always delievers.. interesting cover too. “New Addy” & “Made It Freestyle” are my favorite songs.

18. “Dreams Of Medina 2” by Tha God Fahim

Themuthafuckingod! i love the beats on here.. more vintage feel. “Krug Flutes” & “Bone Samurai” are my favorite songs.


17. “Butcher On Steriods” by Benny

Another gem i came across this year with that vintage vibe, Griselda full of heat. “Hustler's Wife” & “Change” are my favorite songs.


16. “Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Las Muertos” by Mach-Hommy & Earl Sweatshirt

I don't think we give enough credit to earl for his producer skills, his shit is fire. “Embarrassment Of Riches” & “Basin Bleu” are my favorite songs.


15. “Filthy Money” by Willie The Kid & S-Class Sonny

The sophisticated cold weather raps are undefeated.. i love how the cover looks like a vinyl. “Safescan” & “Focused” are my favorite songs.


14. “Dumpmeister” by Mach-Hommy

Mach is probably my favorite rapper of all time but it's too early to say cause i just discovered him this year. “Bass-Key-Yacht” & “Faraday Cage” are my favorite songs.


13. “Plane Ticket To Hell” by Soriano

He produces a lot for Eli Sostre and raps too and it's fire.. no pun. “Bout It“, “Millions” & “Risk Interlude” are my favorite songs.


12. “One Night Only” by Cousin Stizz

Stizz drops nothing but fire, he doesn't have a weak song to me.. dope cover. “No Ice” & “The Store” are my favorite songs.


11. “When Hell Falls” by wifisfuneral

This is a dark ass album and you can tell by the cover and title, probably my favorite from him. “Hell On Earth“, “Come Hell Or High Water” & “Floating On A Cloud” are my favorite songs.


10. “Summer Madness” by Le$

This is the epitome of summer afternoon vibes, all the beats are gorgeous.. the cover is exactly what i imagine when i hear this. “Doors Off” & “Out To Cali” are my favorite songs.


9. “Midnight Club” by Le$

And this is the epitome of summer evenings/nights, as you can see with the cover.. smooth vibes, thank you DJ Mr. Rogers. “Speedin'” & “In The Whataburger Drive Thru” are my favorite songs.


8. “Red Corolla” by Domo Genesis

Still my favorite odd future member and he gets better with every project.. love the cassette tape cover. “Overthinking”, “Vintage Doms” & “Deez Nuts” are my favorite songs.


7. “HBO (Haitian Body Odor)” by Mach-Hommy

More greatness from mach, this cover is nice. “1080p” & “Bloody Penthouse” are my favorite songs.


6. “Yen” by Nolan The Ninja

This is probably my favorite from him, that aggressive vintage delivery is hard. “Calisthenics” & “Corner Pantry” are my favorite songs.


5. “Loose Skrew” by Da$H

Waited forever for this to drop and was well worth the wait.. Da$H always leaves you wanting more. “Unfamiliar“, “Sensai” & “Everything Gordon” are my favorite songs.

4. “Deutsche Marks” by Willie The Kid

Probably some of V Don's best beats along with the luxurious raps.. undefeated duo.. this cover is hard too. “Nothin' To Me“, “Paula Patton” & “24 hrs” are my favorite songs.


3. “.22 Summers” by Mulatto Beats

Mulatto laced some of Chicago's gems with some of the best beats i've heard all year.. dope cover. “Good To Lose“, “Guilty Automatic” & “Summertime Horrors” are my favorite songs.

2. “Watch My Back” by Lucki

Lucki's flow and his beat selection is probably the greatest shit ever, lots of unique beats on here.. i play this on a daily basis. “Miss Me“, “Dirty You” & “Options” are my favorite songs.


1. “Dump Gawd: Hommy Edition” by Mach-Hommy

This is the project that made me a fan, this shit is greatness.. the flows.. the beats.. i listen to this start to finish like every few days. “A Partridge & A Pear Tree“, “Allen Iverson” & “Mac Flurries” are my favorite songs.

Check all these gems out.

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