"Ha$e Releases Debut Album"
"Ha$e Releases Debut Album"

Rising ATL emcee Ha$e is on fire these days. Coming fresh off the release of his debut album titled Sealab Radio, he is gearing up to have the most successful music. Determined to show the world how gifted he is musically, he has put together a fire project that will forever propel him forward in life.  I caught up with him for a candid conversation to discuss his debut album, upcoming performances and what is up next for Ha$e.  Check it out below and get to know the next star coming out of Atlanta.


Ha$e Interview 

How does it feel officially release your debut album titled Sealab Radio?

It still feels surreal. I’ve been working on that project in one form or another for about five years or so now. That out and people are loving what I put together. It is a feeling I’m still getting used to.

How did you go about picking the featured artists on your album?

Easy. I have known EhrikTheGemini for the shortest amount of time. But our vibe musically was instant so that was a no-brainer, and then everybody on there is family to me. It’s easy playing with the home team. Tron Sagas is the head coach calling the plays. Todd Casanova is someone who I have been making music with since I first started rapping in high school. WillieMack is my brother from another, we clicked immediately and have insane chemistry. 

Talk about signing an independent recording deal with 93 Supreme.

As I said, it’s a family already. I just put trust in my guys to perform at the highest level and I do the same thing. One of the main things we all have in common is we all work hard as fuck.

How would you best describe your sound?

Like a chameleon lizard. On SEALAB RADIO alone, I’m going from barred up like on “TEQUILA WOLF” to hitting falsettos on “LAST NIGHT IN MIAMI” to a whole Kirk Franklin moment on “REIGN”. The main thing you can expect from me is to be surprised where I take it next.

Can we expect any visuals as a follow-up to this release?

For sure, I wanna do a video for every song. I have concepts ready for everything and it’s all gonna be pretty cinematic. There’s a lot to stay tuned for this summer. 

Can we expect to see you hitting the stage any time soon?

I’m on the stage about once a week these days, but you can catch me at ROAD 2 SUPREME SUMMER 3 on July 6. I promote all my shows on Instagram, so the best thing to do is follow me there at @hasemoney. Thanks a billion for the support. 

Press play below to stream Ha$e's new album Sealab Radio.


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