LA Sabree Claims 2020 As The Year Of His Arrival And Shares His Aha Moments With New Song, ‘Visions’

Every year everyone claims it to be their year as if one person has ownership of all 12 months. This is a form of manifestation, positive talk, and excitement. When I asked rapper LA Sabree what 2020 meant to him, he responded that 2020 is his year to “arrive.” With one word, the Philly rapper presented an abundance of confidence. After explaining the years of hard work and planning, LA Sabree projects that this is the year people will begin to talk about him. “This is the year people start talking about LA Sabree, and especially in my city the year I get included in the list of people’s favorite local up and coming artists.” He added that “I tell anyone who will listen that when I drop my EP/album or whatever it ends up being classified as, that when people finally hear what I’ve got to say that they’ll know I’m the one.” 

The credence and diligence come from his city. He explained that Philly has influenced him to be authentic. “If you’re real and genuine and give your all then we support you through thick and thin. We support the real. I’ve always been myself in anything that I do, my sense of individuality and uniqueness is my greatest quality, and my city influences and reinforces that notion every day. Philly will champion you if you’re worthy of wearing the tile.” 

LA Sabree knows without a doubt that he is worthy enough to be a well known Philly artist. For one, he is not to be compared to his peers. “Most of my peers, and honestly, most artists today aren’t in it for the love of it. It’s just something they think they can make money from, a quick cash grab.” His inspiration to make music comes from a sense of self-help. “First and foremost, I make music because it’s therapeutic for me. I don’t have anyone that I can talk to about my issues and problems – one people judge you for everything, and two I don’t feel comfortable putting weight on someone else’s shoulders. Music is the only medium where I can just say whatever I need to say.” He added, “I don’t know what I’m looking for in life, but I know music is the key because whenever I step in the lab, perform or do anything music-related I just feel alive in a way that I don’t feel in any other setting.”

The moment of self-security is just as great as those “aha!” moments.‘

Epiphanies are incredible moments that can come out of nowhere. Those “aha!” moments are the ones that bring everything you’ve been working towards or manifesting into a full circle. Coming to the sudden realization of something allows you to be happier, freer, and graceful. 

LA Sabree reaches this form of clarity with life and brags about it in Visions. “I see the world how it is now,” LA Sabree announces he continues to live his life to the fullest. However, what pushes us to decide to take that step of self-fulfillment and live life through the spark within our hearts? For LA Sabree, it was a collection of things. “My closest homies started moving funny and were talking greasy about me and my squad through back channels. A lot of jealous energy was being thrown in my direction. In addition, a couple of women I dealt with were choosing – just a lot of people I thought I could rely on had proven unreliable.” It was in 2016 when the Philly rapper then realized that the people around him were not as honest as he thought. The disappointment from others and the “lack of sturdiness”  is what birthed ‘Visions.’

Three years later, LA Sabree is sticking to his plan presenting us with his epiphany in music form. Listen to ‘Visions’ below.


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