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What Kind Of Outreach or traffic can I expect? We will definitely do our part in sharing your music among our platforms. Here are the MINIMUM GOALS we WILL ACHIEVE when you subscribe with us. . WEEKLY GOALS: (100-200 Streams) 5-10 New Followers. MONTHLY GOALS: (500-700 Streams) 20-30 New Followers.

What Do I Get With a Membership/Subscription? 24/7 access to iahhm.com and all the free game we provide on a daily basis. You Will have your own account where you can create a new artist profile and be the driving force behind your marketing campaigns. Depending on your membership, you can post what you want and we when you want.(We Edit to make it extra nice and acceptable.

Are these Organic Plays and Followers? Of Course, we utilize personal and business entertainment accounts to accumulate for our fan base which is completely organic. Here are our social media links.

How do I know that this is right for me? It’s marketing made way easier than EVER BEFORE, the more your name is out there the closer you get to your dreams. Here’s the rundown of some things you’ll learn. Depending on the package you choose.

SERVICES -Playlist Placement-Blog Placement -Social Media Shares. (4 platforms) 3x Daily. – Consultation and Review. – Radio Placement – Half Page/Full Page Written Q & A.   -Growth With IAHHM BRAND.  -Music Reviews -Website Building/E-Commerce -Brand Development -Spotify Playlist Submissions -Podcast Interview Scheduling/Outreach -Dedicated Publicist. -Organic Following.-Event Planning.-Instagram Posts within 8-12 hours of request on IAMHIPHOPMAG -Showcase/Tour Outreach. -Live Interviews.  -Branding & Brand Marketing -Facebook Ads -Banner Placement/Ad Space on IAHHM-Sponsored Posts.  -Updated Media/Press Kit.  -Outreach for Major Placements -140+ Reshares among 4 Social media platforms per week.  -Tunecore/Distrokid Management 
We Mainly Focus on 9 Streaming Platforms-Tidal -Spotify-Apple Music -Amazon Music -Pandora -YouTube – Deezer -Google Play IheartRadio

WEEKLY GOAL: (200+ Streams) 5-10 FOLLOWERS • Understand Target Audience •Find True Artist Niche •Network With Local Artists • Gain Organic Listeners.  • Increases Interaction with Fanbase • Enhanced Marketing Techniques 
Monthly Goals.  (700+ Streams)20-40 Followers •Increased Revenue •Understanding Of Routine/Social Media Algorithms•Music Business Awareness •A&R Development•Project Roll Out Model

FOLLOWERS (JUNE 2019) TOTAL:40.6K Monthly Impressions: 921K Monthly Reach: 250K
LINKEDIN: 12,232 IG: 14,140 (personal account included)TWITTER: 8344(personal account included) FACEBOOK: 5,934 (personal account included.  
July 2019 Stats(Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) Reach: 700k Impressions: 1.7 Million. Facebook Page: TICE. https://www.facebook.com/IAMHIPHOPUNDERGROUND/LinkedIn: Martice Snively Twitter: _TheComeUp3 & IAMHIPHOPMAG INSTAGRAM: IAMHIPHOPMAG https://instagram.com/iamhiphopmag?igshid=ynaw2m511384
Apple Music.   https://music.apple.com/profile/iahhm
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/x5h3z5zw6rjgj9k6ixsipsl6n/playlist/6SPunlBBQSEBBZyz0w1zeE?si=aYmFtAU3RHKFXtb8qMXoQw


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