Just last year A’Justice blessed her fans with Nostalgia The Mixtape where she took our favorite songs from back in the day and added some sugar, spice, and all nice sounds. If you’ve been introduced to this ATLien’s music, you’re probably still having smoke sessions to her music till this day. As the soulful singer progresses throughout her career with jingle writing, freestyles, and mixtape dropping, she managed to gracefully drop her first album with original sounds through ‘Feeling Things.’

With eight songs and 24 minutes, you will be feeling all of sexy, smooth, and a little vulgar. A’Justice begins the sensual journey with ‘Fill Me Up’ which teases your ears and does the exact opposite. This intro gives us a taste of the journey that is to come with A’Justice. ‘Feeling Things’ gives us a little bit of this and that with her song featured on the album, A Lil Bit featuring Bishop Don .This masterpiece communicates the butterflies, sexual feelings, and needs we have for a lover. A love interest will have you in your feelings whether this is a good thing or more frustrating. A’Justice paints the perfect picture of the thoughts and communication of a woman in this situation.

It could be the production, which is an ATL link-up between herself (Krush’d Kandy) and Grammy Winning producer, Wonder Arillo, who has worked on What You Know by T.I. and several of our favorite 2 Chainz songs. It also could be the confidence A’Justice serves throughout the 24-minute listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of her production or her songwriting, there is a guarantee of musical fulfillment after listening to this project.

As A’Justice says in my personal favorite song from her project, Soul Snatched, “Hit this and just vibe out.” Listen to Feeling Things here.


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