1606: By Patrick Ware 

Make sure you get the brand new book from Fayetteville native and first time author, Patrick Ware, comes a tale of this young man's journey to what he calls home. Oftentimes, we lose sight of who we are at our core, and that's our ‘home'. 1606 is a personification of what that means to this young man. 

Divided into three parts, this book follows him throughout each year of his life. He combines every pivotal moment in his life, with a teachable moment for the reader. 1606 takes readers through a whirlwind of emotions, but will leave you feeling inspired to find what it is you call home. 

Home is where you want to be. 
Where you make everlasting memories. 
It's not a location, 
It's a feeling. 
It's not just a street name, 
Or a house number. 
Home is where your mind is, 
Where you heart is, 
It's your piece of solitude. 
The first thing that came to mind, 
That's home. 
Find your way back…



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