"Adeel Medication single"

Rising rapper Adeel has an original sound that deserves to be heard. With his latest single “Medication” Adeel is looking forward to breaking into the mainstream music business in a major way. With a wave of melodic rappers finding success such as Rod Wave, Lil Baby and most famous of all Drake, this newcomer is trying to join the ranks of some of music’s most influential rap stars today.

On “Medication” you will hear Adeel talking about blazing up in a car, as he takes his grinding to the next level. Reminiscing about how when he was young he would get into a lot of trouble, he sheds light on how life was life for him growing up. Here are some lyrics to listen for: “Swear I got to make, I don’t have time for no patience, life is what you make it, drop top we be racing, blazing in the motor but I told you I ain't playing”. Determined to make it big as a mainstream recording artist, his original bars and unique storytelling makes for a dope listen to anyone who taps into his music.

Heavily influenced by the trap era of music that is still very prevalent, you will hear this influence from beginning to end on “Medication”. Adeel is destined for greatness and has every intention to become a successful music story. Check out his latest single below and give this rising rapper a chance.   https://soundcloud.com/adeeldareal/medication  


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