Rising singer/songwriter and emcee Lafayette Taylor has released a new single titled “FTSU” (F**k That S**t Up). As he plans to consistently release music throughout the summer this release is a taste of what is yet to come from the Alaska native. One thing that stands out the most about this emcee is his non-traditional sound. He dabbles into Caribbean afro beats, then will go straight into some heavy hitting trap. This record is right in the middle.

On “FTSU” (Fuck That Shit Up) you will hear Taylor in an upbeat manner talking about the things he wants to do to a woman. Some notable bars include “Roll one up and spark it in the club, bend that a** hoe and show a n***a love“. These explicit bars make you immediately know that he is not shy to speak whatever comes to his mind. As he seemed to appear to almost be yelling on the chorus, he wants the world to know that he enjoys all the fruits of his labor.

As a triple threat artist, songwriter, and producer Taylor is doing everything necessary to make sure his mark in the entertainment business is felt. With a thriving sound and hot new music, Lafayette Taylor is ready for the big leagues.

Press play below to stream Lafayette Taylor “FTSU” (F**k That S**t Up) single.

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