After dropping his stunning second album NO $ NO BIZ in 2022, K2icyy returns with his brilliant single “Love and Emotion” supported by an incredible video. Visuals are the most important weapon in any artist’s arsenal these days and K2icyy does not miss the target with his latest offering.

A humorous joy ride into the world of Hip Hop bling, the video is a throwback to happier times when artists told a story through the visual experience. “Love n Emotion” has a deeply addictive group and lyrical flow that K2icyy has evolved since the loss of his brother and the enforced isolation of the pandemic. Based out of California, he has emerged from that experience a stronger, more resilient artist with a positive attitude to life.

Laughter was an important healing mechanism through this process and that is the continuous feature throughout the video. A magic coat that makes women instantly attracted to men, his uncle, actor GeraldSlink” Johnson, discovers it and finds out that the ladies cannot resist him. With a star studded visual, “Love n Emotion” is sure to be a hit. Other features who appear in the visual include Monique Mariah Palma and Geraldine Moreno.

Proving once again that he is a multi-talented artist for the here and now, fulfilling his ambition to inspire those around him to rise above difficult times is what drives him. With the tunes in the bank to prove his worth and many more to come, K2icyy is filling us all with “Love n Emotion” and long may it continue.

Grab your coat. You never know what might happen.

Watch the video here:


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