Michael Star is set to officially earn the title of the turn-up king as he drops the video to his new single.
The music video to Tun Up has been officially released on YouTube, as the New York-born talented
singer and songwriter takes his fans and lovers of feel-good music on an amazing ride with great tunes
and fantastic lyrics. The world of music has evolved over the years, as more acts emerge across genres from different parts of the globe to deliver an amazing listening experience to the audience. However, Michael Star, the son
of iconic Jamaican singer Mikey Spice, is looking to take things to another level, a claim substantiated by
the recently released Tun Up single and its music video. Star looks ready to take over the music scene, with his unique style that offers an unprecedented blend of different genres from R&B to Hip Hop, and Dancehall standing him out from his contemporaries. The fast-rising music star is building on the success of his previous single, Feel Me, with the smooth high energy  Tun Up  offering a fresh feel to lovers of good sound. Michael Star worked with big names on the Tun Up single and its music video, with his record label, King Recordings Entertainment bringing the likes of Basil “@kingpromotionsofficial” Beale as the director and Ricky “Mad Man” Myrie and Basil and Beale as producers. The video was edited by Justin Budd of JBudd Media and Michael Star did the mixing and mastering. Tun Up was inspired by the need to create a song that got people off their seats and take them away from the daily hustle and bustle. Star decided to make the single following a futile search for some real  feel-good music, subsequently bringing his fun energy and dancehall vibes to the party. The video of the party-esque single depicts the carefree feeling and good time theme of the song. The latest song from Michael Star and other works from the multifaceted entertainer portray the musical influences of the singer, with the likes of Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, and Chris Brown playing a major role in his style. Tun Up is currently doing well across all major streaming platforms and the video will undoubtedly go far.


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