Jackboy Marley is taking off this year with his highly anticipated project dropping this month! The Texas-based lyricist is giving his listeners a new sound with his new EP, ‘Jakcal Pt. 2: The Ouroboros Effect’ dropping on the 29th on all streaming platforms.

Jackboy Marley’s growth as an artist has been constantly evolving, driven by life itself. The melodic rapper is always discovering ways to connect with listeners by giving them music that feeds their souls and liberates their mind.

His top 2 tracks of the new EP releasing in less than 2 weeks are his most proud records guaranteed to be the hits to make this project soar through the media.

Earlier this year, Jackboy gave us a sneak peak of one of the tracks off of the project called, “Let Us Prey”. Paired with a cynical video meant to expresses an “aggressively-melodic representation of failed relationships and the pitfalls of maintaining principles as a man when dealing with street-oriented situations.” This song shows his versatility in his sound because of it's distinctiveness – a craft he’s been working on since starting his career. He states, “I feel I have a very distinct edge! To create a cohesive blend of various genre elements in Hip-Hop with style, substance and content…I feel it is refreshing.”

The second piece he has a good feeling about is, ‘How I’m Movin’,  “a catchy 808-driven track with what one may describe as sheer street bop! With an infectious hook highlighting Marley’s code of personal ethics and streetwise sense of survival, this track proves you can create catchy music with substance and content!”

In a tale of his life transpired by his not-so-pretty upbringing, the Texas based lyricist uses his words in a melodic form to express how he’s become who he is now due to certain hardships endured on his journey. Jackboy Marley, representing Fort Worth, has been using his music to express himself and his experiences by sharing personal stories, and considers music to be ”a foundation for mental, emotional, and spiritual exploration.” To Jackboy, a strong foundation is vital to his personal growth as a man.

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