Looking back at Josh Stone’s story, it’s no shock that he has been able to obtain major success in the music industry. From starting his adult career as a professional hockey player, stone has always been disciplined to be great at whatever he puts his heart and mind to.  Inspired by hip-hop legends such as Camron, Master P, T.I. and more, Josh adopted a high-level mindset by applying the same work ethic from when he was once an athlete. Handling the loss of a potential NHL career and a best friend to a tragic motorcycle accident, his first solo debut project, “Therapy Sessions” reflects the feelings that drove him to finding his passion of being a musician. In a recent interview with Milli B., Josh Stone reveals the release of his very first solo debut project, “Therapy Sessions”, the story behind it, and his role as a label executive for Real Vibes Only.

  1. Looking back at your story, does it surprise you that you successfully a part of the music industry?

First I just wanna say Everyones definition of success is different. I am very meticulous when it comes to everything in life including music. Its a gift and a curse. Right now where I am at in the Music Industry / Business I have had successes, being apart of other peoples projects, but now I am really looking to make an impact as an ARTIST and a Leading voice of the industry by having my Debut solo project “Therapy Sessions” have an impact. If I save 1 persons life from this album I consider that a success. It doesn’t suprise me where I have been and where Im at right now including where I am headed. It doesn’t surprise me, bc of my work ethic, the mentors I have had along the way my angels guiding me and never being satisfied.”

2. You first were a hockey player. A great one, too! Almost being drafted into the NHL. After realizing that couldn’t play anymore, you channeled that energy into making music. How would you compare the work ethic you had in hockey, to how you are now as an artist?

“I always say REAL athletes who have played at a high level mindsets are DIFFERENT. My work ethic is/was equal to or even greater then it was from hockey. In music I felt I had to play catch up so I was making 3 beats a day rapping 144 bars, I had zero social life , and was just on a fucking mission (still am) after being on the ice from age 6-19 that’s all I really knew. I channel my energy the same way as I did in hockey, except this time (in music) I was doubted which fueled me to keep perfecting my craft of making songs. When I entered the business, it was like I was a 7 year old playing, now I’m ready for the draft again as the #1 pick and the music and my bodies of work will speak for me as my playing did in hockey.

3. You’re not new to being a fan of hip-hop music. You once expressed that you grew up listening to Dipset and G-Unit. How has that music shaped your character, especially now being a major part of the industry?

“I was always a fan off hip hop and music In general, I would listen to G-UNIT and Dipset, (amongst other artists) which that music gave me a feeling of hunger and not giving a fu*k, in the sense of “no one can stop me” before stepping onto the ice. My first two tapes when I was younger were Onyx Slam and Nas Illmatic,  so I always loved music but never thought I’d ever be in it. After everything that has transpired in my life I believe life is what you make it, at the same time IT IS WRITTEN already. You just gotta see the signs, and EXECUTE at the highest level and frequency.”

4. Let’s talk briefly about the court settlement between you and Arianna Grande. Is there anything you do differently to avoid  other artists and their teams from copyrighting our work?

“After the Arianna situation, hearing 7 rings and hearing my hook all the time on the radio, commercials, Super Bowl commercials etc, it was a mind fuck. But in the end if they had to steal from me, and my work, that means I had to be doing something right. I changed how I looked at the industry as I just don’t take meetings anymore with just anyone and If I do show up to a meeting its very understood off jump if you fuck with me I am coming for you one way another or both. See what people don't understand bc they only read headlines and assume, is that my lawyers were in direct contact with her team and lawyers directly, they curved us for 6-7 months before ever filing a lawsuit. We tried to do the right thing by not making it public info. “

5. Now with Therapy Sessions, you get a lot off your chest. You said, “if you can’t relate to what’s goin you in music right now, then this is the project for you.” What are some things happening for those who don’t know?

“If you're not a follower and you wanna relatable project to hit all emotions this is for you. This isn’t a diss to any other “artist”, but I prefer music with substance and messaging as well the “feel good main stream records”. This isn’t for fame for me, or clout, these people want clout, this is for my mental health my family and for ME. Its also about putting out a better product then what’s out right now. And the irony is these people wanted to do this with their life. This life chose ME.”



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