ShaVazz Johnson, the independent artist who is also known for his performance name ‘ShaVazz the Weirdo’, talks about his journey of becoming a successful musician and releasing back to back hit singles. ShaVazz Dayqon Johnson is an upcoming African-American rapper, songwriter, and musician.
He has been writing music ever since he was in the 6th grade, and is now recognized everywhere as ShaVazz the Weirdo. The stage name is inspired by his childhood days when growing up; he was always called a weirdo. Instead of taking offense, ShaVazz adopted the name and made it a part of his personality.

Life wasn’t always smooth for The Weirdo, and due to unfortunate circumstances, ShaVazz took a break from his songwriting, to prioritize his family and think of their comfort first. He returned from his hiatus and released his debut EP ‘The Weirdos Project’ in 2019. “This EP represents my versatility and ability to adapt to any style of music thrown my way,” says ShaVazz. Inspired by Michael Jackson and the likes, ShaVazz tries to incorporate their essence in his music and describes it as healing and emotional, the kind that induces anyone listening to it with positive vibes.

ShaVazz has released 4 singles till date that have turned out to be massive hits. His single ‘Love You Better’ took the internet by storm when it came out. He has been grinding his way up in the industry for the past two years and has since then collaborated with several big music producers such as Yung Chop, Kanye West, Pharell Williams, etc. A quality reflected too well in his songs, as well as his personality, is his dedication and persistence. Johnson strongly believes that there are no shortcuts to success, and the only way up is hustling your way through.

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