"Trillest Ent Thriving During The Pandemic"
Trillest Entertainment has done an amazing job helping artists during the quarantine. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Anthony, CEO of Trillest Entertainment. They are one of, if not the, biggest digital music promotion companies in the industry working with 10,000+ artists annually. Trillest Entertainment is the only music promotion company that can get artists placements on 250+ major media outlets and 50+ Spotify playlists, but they do much more than that.
They get artists' shows, connect them with managers and major artists, shop their music for record deals, etc. What makes them unique is they genuinely want to help artists succeed and get real promotion for their music. Trillest Ent. works with artists all around the world including independent artists with limited budgets to major artists with multi-million dollar record deals. We wanted to learn more about this company and what makes them so successful. Check out what the CEO of Trillest Entertainment had to say about his company's continued success below.


Tell us about yourself and your company?

My name is Anthony, CEO of Trillest Entertainment. I live and travel all around the world. My company is entirely digital so I can do just that and encourage everyone to do the same. Traveling is the best way to live life and experience new places and cultures. My company specializes in digital music promotion and marketing for hip hop artists. We have been in business 10+ years working with thousands of artists annually all around the world getting their music featured on the top major media outlets and playlists. We do just about everything. If someone requests it, we find a way to make it happen.

How did you get started in the music business?

I just followed my passions: hip hop, the internet, and money and put all of them together, haha. We are simply fulfilling a need. There's a lot of dope artists out there who need to be heard and we make that possible for them by getting their music in front of new potential fans.
How has your business been impacted from the pandemic?

While most businesses have been forced to close, our business is booming, as are most digital businesses. It's more like a new world order where everything has shifted completely online. They want people to change how they think and function. There is no going back to the old normal and what we once knew, this is the new life for the near future.

Our business has been booming for the last few years with steady increases in clients and revenue but that's simply due to the fact that we continue to grow and expand in what we offer, provide exceptional service, build genuine relationships with the artists and continue to make dope things happen.

“When people do business with companies that provide services, it's more about the connection and experience they get, then it is the cost they pay.”But we do keep the prices as affordable as possible because we believe in volume business, rather than charging exorbitant prices and making quick profit like most companies.

What has been your biggest highlight thus far?

Biggest highlight…that's hard to say, we're always doing big things, but probably working with all these major artist's such as Jadakiss, Dave East, Game, Fetty Wap, Fat Joe, etc. to promote their mixtapes. Everyone's home quarantining so these rappers got creative and decided to use their platform to help other indie artists get more exposure since they can't do shows. All part of this new life we're all adjusting to, but the concept is dope and we got the tapes on all the majors blogs so everyone benefited from the promotion, especially the artists.

Interview Continued

What has been your biggest challenge thus far?

Biggest challenge is definitely time management or trying to balance business/life. I'm a workaholic. Everything I have I got myself through working my a** off. That's the secret to success, lmao. You can't cheat the grind or time you put in building and networking. Nothing was ever given, and most opportunities aren't. You have to create them. I usually got a million things going on all at once: orders, emails, dm's, phone calls. I work 7 days a week. There are no days off, even though I can afford them, I choose not to because then everything would get backed up, but I definitely need (and deserve) a vacation, haha.
How do you think Covid-19 has impacted the music industry?

Everything has shifted online, as if we weren't already heading in that direction, the pandemic expedited it. 99% of restaurants don't even have menus anymore…You have to scan a barcode on your phone to view the menu, haha. How do they think an 80 year old person is gonna do that stuff? Small things like that I'm still adapting too, but the pandemic has changed just about everything, everywhere, and all we can do is adjust and adapt.


Back to the question tho…the pandemic shut down just about everything…It's like a whole new world order…Nobody can travel anywhere, no clubs are open, no shows…Everything is digital…So artists gotta stay creative, when they're not recording music, they're online and are always looking for ways to promote their music. That's where we come into place with helping get their music global exposure and build a buzz and fan base.


More To Come

Should all businesses incorporate some degree of digitality?

Absolutely, it looks like everything is gonna be digital going forward so you better adapt…Who knows, we might not even have paper money in a few years, lmao…Bitcoin is at almost $15,000, last year it was at $7,000. Wish I would have dipped into that but I don't fully trust it any more than I do the dollar. Nobody knows who controls that stuff and it could also collapse at any time. For the time being though, anyone who invested in it early is definitely reaping the rewards.
What is your vision for the future?
I try to live day by day, since nobody knows what the future holds, but I'm definitely launching a clothing line and digital magazine by early 2021, God willing. We got a dope company, but we don't really have a brand yet, and to do that we need our own magazine and clothing line. Look what Berner did with his company “Cookies”, he turned that into a $1 billion dollar empire, much love and respect to him. I'm gonna keep building, growing, and networking. There is always room for growth and improvement no matter how big you are. I also want to give back somehow. Money is nothing more than a tool to me to get things I need. But I already have everything I need, as do most people. We're just greedy, it's part of human nature I guess. But if you are “in it just for the money, you will never be happy, because money involves numbers and numbers never end”. -Bob Marley

I love to cook and I know there is a huge global food shortage. I would like to open an entirely free restaurant someday, somehow…If everybody did something like that or found some way to give back and help others, the world would be a much better place and people wouldn't have to steal, rob, and kill for money (or the lack of). Everybody needs to help each other more. The world is hurting now. Hopefully Biden and Harris can bring our country back together but it's our everyday actions that shape the world we live in.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs and upcoming artists?

Stay humble, but also stay hungry….that's my motto. I'm beyond blessed and grateful to be in the position I'm in. I don't take anything for granted and I don't envy anyone. Some got more, some got less, but everything belongs to God.

My advice to any artist or entrepreneur is to do what you love and you'll naturally be good at it, have a strong digital presence and strong numbers, That is what captivates people's attention. You can have dope music or a dope product, but it's all about numbers nowadays…that's what gets people to check out your page or listen to your music. Build your following up, organically…True followers can be converted to fans = revenue. Network with the right people, they can open doors for you and expedite your path to success.



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