Top 20 Rappers With the Most Expensive Booking Fees (2019)

There are plenty of privileges afforded to rappers that break on through to the other side of the music industry, that area of entertainment that is paved in gold and platinum plaques and where you breath hit songs as your oxygen. There are more romantic offers than you could, or should, possibly respond to. There is the ability to get paid to travel to every country imaginable thanks to loaded touring schedules. But last but certainly not least, there is the overflowing flood of more money per concert than most people earn in an entire year. Whether you are a curious fan, an up-and-coming rap artist seeking something to inspire you, or a hip-hop show promoter, HipHopMadness presents the Top 20 Highest Rapper Booking Fees for 2019. List Features: DaBaby Drake Lil Nas X Cardi B Travis Scott J. Cole Nicki Minaj Logic Tyga & More #HipHopMadness

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