IAHHM 15 Questions With Jayden Martelle

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IAHHM 15 Questions With Jayden Martelle

Iamhiphopmag Top 50 artist Jayden Martelle is back with one of the most interesting interviews we’ve ever had on this platform. In a new segment, created and recommended by Martelle himself we got together for “15 Questions”. The California artist is preparing to drop a new project entitled “Point Of View” set for release on all platforms on August 16th. Jayden Martelle is also featured on our top 100 artists playlist on Spotify which you can stream here. Be on the lookout for more as my boy Jayden plans to take his talents full storm in the upcoming months gearing up for a big 2020. Read the full “15 Questions” Interview below.

  • Who’s the baddest chick in the game right now? Then give me your top 5. 

“ The baddest? I would have to say RiRi, Rihanna. Yep, put that island magic on a nigga 🤣 Way fine and just a little crazy. 
My Top 5, Rihanna, Kim K, Adrienne Bailon, Steff London & Dj Duffy. Maybe we can add Camilla Mendez in there somewhere. Cutie. lol 

  • What artist has the most influence on your music? 

My biggest influence changed over the years. Now I let my experiences influence the music. The Women I date, the clothes I wear & the places I’ve been to. I’m motivated by every one tho. 

  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

5 years from now I see myself on tour all the time. owning a house I’m never at. somewhere on the beach. Lol, I see myself in the music industry still, but more behind the scenes or something like that. 

  • You plan on getting married or you living the bachelor life? 

Man….. if shit was 100 percent legit I would get married. Shit is crazy, I don’t think a lot of women wanna get married anymore. They all hot girls now lmao Who knows? But right now I’m 2 much for these women, and 3 much for these hoes. Lol, I think Lil Wayne said that. 

  • Which celebrity chick are you gonna dm first when you get on 

Its probably not gonna be a celebrity. The girls I grew up with is way fine. She’s gonna be a celebrity after being with me tho. Like it or not. I already am in her DMs lol (embarrassing)

  • What’s going to be the first thing you buy when you get your first big check? Let’s say 15-20k 

I already got checks of that amount before. But I wasted it on cars and shit that looks cool lol my dumb ass. Not no more tho, it’s all about investing in myself. I’m the best product I got for sale. 

  • If you weren’t rapping, what do you think you would be doing?

I probably would be doing porn. Nah I’m just fucking around Lol I would be a model, a Ghostwriter. Pretty much the things I do now besides rap. Movie scenes and shit like that. 

What’s the first car you plan to buy when you get on? 

I was at the Ashton Martin dealer yesterday at Newport Beach. They’re growing on me. It was this blue one I was in love with. I should of went joyriding but I was drunk lmao

  • What’s your dream vacation? 

My dream vacation? I have been thinking about Dubai a lot. Having all my friends and family with me would make it a dream. Otherwise, send me to Amsterdam. Where the weed is legal. And mostly free 

  • Where are you throwing your first big party at? Which celebrities are you inviting? 4 only. 

I’m from LA, all the biggest parties are at night clubs and mansions. I would invite Kathy Griffin, yes Kathy griffin. She a freak lol the other 3 would be probably C list ppl. Lol 

  • Favorite cartoon growing up? Which cartoon character is most like you?  

I didn’t watch it growing up but I like “The Boondocks”. I’m like Riley, I don’t trust shit lol Coming up tho I did watch “The PJs”. I used to wait for that show to come on fox cuz we didn’t have cable hahaha 

  • What age do you plan on dropping your final album and retiring? 

I hope to only rap for like 3-4 years. Unless I get myself in a bad contract. Then I gotta rap til I’m 70. Lol These labels are heartless 

  • You have a 7 track Ep and can have 7 features.  Who are you choosing? 

Ima go with Kendrick Lamar, Jhene Aiko, Drizzy, Megantheestallion, Paloma Ford, Tory lanez & Meek Mill. 

  • Where do you plan on settling down at? 

California. Imma die here. 

  • What’re your plans after rap? 

After rap, I’m going to stay involved with the business. I know I’ll still write for people, but probably do photography or film too. 

  • Fuck one. Marry one. Kill one. Meagan Good, Megan thee stallion, Cardi B. 

You know that song “big ole freak”.  Lol, I would Marry Cardi, fuck Megantheestallion & kill Megan good lol only because Megan good killed the game for so long. She doesn’t need me lmao 

  • Who’s winning the Super Bowl? NBA championship? 

Lakers winning the NBA championship, the LA rams win the super bowl. (No I’m not a rams fan either)

  • If you can act in any movie with your favorite actor; who would it be and what type of role would you play?  

What’s the name of that movie Ray J did with K….. never mind lmao

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