"TSO Tadoe"

TSO Tadoe has a major announcement for his budding fanbase. He is officially releasing his debut single “Geetchy Way” through the 1924 Music Group label. Distributed by Beat Root Inc., this release is scheduled to go live on July 22nd. “Geetchy” is a slang word meaning that everything is good, everything is great and everything is moving. Created by TSO Pootie originally known as Tadoe, the term is spreading his influence all through the streets of Baltimore. As it is becoming more and more prevalent in Baltimore lingo, Tadoe hopes to have the whole world talking like him.

What makes this release so special is that Tadoe is bringing more awareness to his music and his unique lingo by naming his debut single “Geetchy Way”. Being a resident of Baltimore city and the obstacles of gang life he is using music to improve the quality of his life and everyone around him. On this debut single you will hear the rising artist expressing that Geetchy is a way of elevating yourself through the hard times, while letting people know that everything is going to be okay. He is sending a powerful and positive message to listeners, reminding them to keep hope alive and always strive for the best. Dealing with the passing of his late brother, Tadoe became inspired to write a song that gave others tools to cope with death and get through the darkest of times. As his brother was the rapper of the family, he decided to start rapping in his brother's honor, shaping him to become the artist he is today. His brother’s dream got cut short, but he is making sure that he does whatever he has to musically to make not only his brother proud but his entire family. 

His debut release is the beginning to a rewarding and successful rap career. Tadoe has a great following in the city of Maryland and promises to put on for his hometown in a major way. He is currently working with Multi Platinum producers Rico Love and Rah Sampson, who produced “Geetchy Way”. Sampson has worked with rap superstars 2 Chainz, B.o.B, Juelz Santana and many more. With 1924 backing him and some of the hardest working producers in the game, TSO Tadoe is on the way to the top. He already has generated millions of views on YouTube and has no intention of slowing down.


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