DeLaNoche unveils a dope visual for the single “Scammers” off his recent ‘Of The Night’ EP that really captures the essence of the night. Smooth, eerie, and deep, DeLaNoche and his team captures magic with his latest pair of releases.

Noche captures melodramatic angst per bar in “Scammers” which real captures the spirt of angst. Overall it is a microcosm of the vibe ‘Of The Night' gives with it's diverse soundtrack which puts listeners in the sense of a thrilling movie.

The beat selection is vast and DeLaNoche distinct voice is fluid which breathes life in each track, below is some context DeLaNoche has about his latest drops:

“My view of the night time feels like when someone is their true open vulnerable self, the world is quiet, and it is just you, yourself, experiences and thoughts. Where my lyrics and inspirations flow the most fluently.” – DeLaNoche


A new artist with creativity, DeLaNoche is an artist from Toronto to keep tabs on!

View the video for “Scammers,” and  check out his Spotify below:


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