Kynard x IAHHM(Lost Interview) Part 1 


Where are you from ?

– From Toledo, Oh lived in Detroit currently now in Texas

-How did the crew get started?


-When and how did you get into music?

Started in church singing grandad was a drummer, learned to be an engineer and arranger while in Detroit, recorded tracks as an artist in Detroit.  Wanted to release and album

-How did you choose your rap name ?

I couldn’t get any realer than my family surname. Kynard pronounced Ka Nard

How will you change the industry?

I’m not looking to change the industry just produce dope entertaining music although I haven’t met anyone trying to do what I’m currently doing.  

-Who is in your mainstream top 5?

Right now – J Cole, Royce Da 59, 

-What motivated or inspired you to record your last project?

-Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music?

Actually this is my return.  I have left many times but in my heart it keeps bringing me back.  i remember singing when I was younger travelling with the choir then I went to school and wanted to be rich so I got a job.  Being an artist wasn’t paying but I used college refund checks to setup my own studio to record.  Eventually life happened music wasn’t movin so I continued to work and here I am again back making music like it was what I was meant to do.
Whose side were you on.. Biggie Or Pac?

Both – Pac was socially conscious and about the people.  BIG made it cool to be big.  I’m a big boy so I rocked with Big Poppa and just the style and the way BIG carried himself.  At this point they are both Legends no need to choose a side.  Just unfortunate they both met a tragic end.

If you had one song of yours to perform on national tv which would it be?

Friend or Foe.  It’s a powerful track just about race relations in America.  Sometimes as we go thru life especially nowadays we are so quick to judge, we are so quick to have a mob mentality and only seem to come together when bad things happen in our community that have been perpetrated by White people or the “Man”.  This song talks about that but it also looks at the person and whether or not he himself is friend or foe to the cause.  That sometimes his actions aren’t always on the up and up that he could do more for the community besides complain about what is happening in the community. 

If you were offered a perfect distribution/sponsorship from every major company in america which company would suit you and your brand the most?

[adToAppearHere]Honestly never thought about that.  I’m an indie and I want to control and build my own and leverage the situation.  Whoever would be offering the best deal in regards to creative control and then publishing and truly believed in what I was doing.  I would rock with them but the situation would have to be all the way right.  Sometimes I think it is lost on how hard Artist work to create and produce.  I’d rather be broke or finance my small operation than to give someone control of my art. 

-What is your favorite movie? Favorite actor?

Black Panther – Samuel Jackson

-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far?

Musically – the work, the creation of music, the visuals, the branding, the process of it all makes it enjoyable.  Releasing an LP in 2017 was dope like yeah I did that it was successful to me because it’s a lot of people who want to but don’t know how etc.
In Life the birth of my kids seeing other countries like Australia, Italy, etc.

-What equipment and software do you use to record/produce?
Pro Tools – usually I’m at TrakMajors wit the homie TMO
-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist?

Things I’ve heard – I sound original, I smile more than most hip hop artist cause life is a blessing and I’m enjoyin it, not to many big boys in the game killin right now.  My shit is dope

-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?

Continuing to do dope music.  Big plans to perform for the people rock shows continue to create

-Any projects in the works?
Freestyle Friday – thru the rest of the 2018 every Friday God willin I’mma drop some flame you can catch on my site.  I have this current Single Bout Dat ft Q Carter out.  I have 3 more singles that I am going to release thru the rest of the year with more visuals.  I have 2 web series on relationships.  Ya boy is into fashion rocking Outfit of the week.  As well 1 web series just talkin about the journey of an indie artist out there grinding.

-What are your rates for features?

That’s the thing my schedule is so busy that if you want me to do a feature you have to pay.  I have to much goin on to take time out of my schedule to do music with you for free.  Right now I’m charging $150 for a verse you want a hook with a verse $200 at least.  

-Whats the best way to get in
contact with you if we need work done?  or IG Kynardmusic


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