There are times where you go through life feeling lost. Who am I, what is my destiny, what am I supposed to be doing, and am I on the correct path? Whether you are pursuing a career in the arts, gearing up to become an entrepreneur, or just trying to get your life in order, you know how it feels to be lost. Having doubt is a feeling that comes with confusion and questioning whether you’re doing the right things in life is also normal. 

Burundian  artist, Horus Rao knows this feeling too well. As Horus is adding gas into his career and taking off, he has gotten a whiff of what it is like to feel confused and unbalanced. As he begins to question the nature of his dreams, the people in his community  are going through the same things. 

As we all know, inspiration can come in different forms. Horus was inspired from his friend’s sister, a trans woman.  Though the two are not close friends, or fighting the same battle, both share the struggle of being lost while trying to embrace themselves. Rao has seen the abuse and neglect of trans lives in the black community and is using his platform to start a conversation. He was influenced by the people in Burundi, much like his friend’s sister’s stoutness and courage, who struggle to embrace themselves. Horus using his platform to provide openness could then create educated conversations and help the black community understand the struggles of trans lives. 

In his song Horus tries to channel this feeling of confusion.

Nature of Your Dream was created from this unfortunate feeling of not being able to fit where we thought we belonged. Divvi Productions, ran by creatives Ashgrxphics and Miro LaFlaga. brings the words and feelings of the song into one place by teaming up with trans activist, Eve Adrienne and pours light on the struggles that many trans women face today. With this video opening the door to the struggles of trans women, Horus hopes to start conversations  that shed light on the role the black community and society as a whole play in the oppression of trans lives.  

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