Here are all 4 OFFICIAL brackets for the IAHHM GOAT Tournament. SEEDING WITHIN EACH BRACKET ARE RANDOM to create very interesting matchups, this will be so much fun to do with your friends or alone gaining knowledge about hip hop. The 4 Regions are WAYNE, HOV, NOTORIOUS, AND 2PAC. Each region contains 68 rappers, groups or collectives pivotal to the HIP HOP CULTURE. Rappers who have not quite done enough will not make it and this is not a knock nor disrespect to you. This Tournament is not just based off Lyricism. Here is the Critiquing method: Influence, Overall Artistry, Lyricism, and Accomplishments. This Tournament will be ran just like an NFL season, where each BRACKET will have 2 games every Sunday Night. The ultimate deciding factor will be based off of Fan Vote and opinion of respected individuals who are die hard fans of the culture. Post your own brackets and winners, leave comments. Let’s blow this up TAKE A LOOK AT ALL 4 REGIONS BELOW:  Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the IAHHM.com GOAT Tournament. 


Wayne Region

The Lil Wayne Region contains artists such as Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Andre 3000, Dr. Dre, Bun B, Salt N Pepa, and many more! 

[challonge url=”WAYNEREGION”]

HOV Region


HOV region contains artists such as HOV, Wale, NAS, Jim Jones, Common, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Mos Def and many more! 

[challonge url=”ryzugyfg”]


2Pac Region 

The 2PAC region contains artists such as PAC, Big Daddy Kane, Big Sean, DMX, Obie Trice, Rakim, J. Cole and many more! 

[challonge url=”2PACREGION”]


The Notorious Region contains artists such as Biggie, Missy, Rick Ross, Logic, Treach, Snoop, Lauryn Hill, Drake and many more… 

[challonge url=”IAHHMNOTORIOUS”]

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