Durham’s Finest: BullCityDion


Durham’s Finest: BullCityDion


“I grew up around music and my dad used to rap back in the day which motivated me to do it”

Making his first appearance on the IAHHM platform is a rising artist out of Durham, North Carolina BullCityDion. BullCityDion grew up around music and aspires to distinguish himself & prosper in 2018. Dion began rapping at the young age of 5 and grew up wanting to be just like his father who was also a rapper. ” I believe that through my dad I was given an extraordinary gift as a writer and not just a rapper. His favorite rapper was Tupac who was really my first famous influence when being introduced to hip-hop. My dad also introduced me to poetry at a young age and he has published a few poetry books where he included a few of my poems as well.”  At age 14 his mother bought him a laptop and when BullCityDion turned 16 he got himself a summer job to buy studio equipment. Very detail oriented, Dion uses his versatility, songwriting and his ability to connect emotionally to gain him fans. 

“I really make music for people like myself who have so much potential but needs a little bit more inspiration and motivation to reach goals. I love to talk about legal hustling and building businesses and being an entrepreneur.”


BullCityDion’s main goal is to create music that motivates and inspires people and being business savvy will help BullCityDion be successful in the music industry without a doubt. Currently Dion is working with Fayetteville artist Perignon as he wraps up his project ‘Sublime Meleanie’. The two artists will then pair up for the release of their collab project “The Wright Brothers” set to be released later this year. For now Bull City is dropping freestyles and singles to hold you over. Connect with BullCityDion & read our full Q&A. Check out his music via SoundCloud below. Where will BullCityDion rank this month? Leave Comments and let us know. 



Where are you from ?

Durham, North Carolina.

-When and how did you get into music?

I grew up around music and my dad used to rap back in the day which motivated me to do it.

-How did you choose your rap name ?

I chose the name BullCityDion because I am from Durham, NC and with there being so many Dion’s I just wanted to distinguish myself. It still may change in the future.

-Do you feel this is your most important project to date ?

This playlist I have out now showcases my best work. It’s titled BullCityDion on my Soundcloud page. I consistently update it on the regular to reflect my latest and greatest work. https://soundcloud.com/mallyonnojones-1/sets/bullcitydion

-What motivated or inspired you to record this project ?

What is currently on this playlist now is all of my songs from 2015 to now. The songs on this playlist really represent different times in my life sense my last year of college to now. Songs like “Realest in the Room” reminds me of the last time I made a song for a woman and “Gold Faces reminds me when LeBron led the Cavs to a championship in 2016. I even have a song called “Lost in the Water’ that I made inspired by the time parts of Fayetteville were flooded out my a storm. Each song is a different memory with a different theme and a different story.

-Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music?

I have started feeling like that last year then I discovered Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos YouTube and he inspired me to go for it so I’m planning something for the future. I have always been a hustler sense elementary school when I used to sell candy and when my dad taught me how to make and sell bootleg DVDs and CDs.

-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far?

My most enjoyable memories all come from making the music and going on this journey with some of my closest friend. If I had to pick I would say when I performed at a strip club because it was my first time in a strip club.

-What equipment and software do you use to record/produce?

I used FL Studios with a Blue Yeti USB microphone. I used to use Mixcraft and Audacity as well.

-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist.

I feel that the versatility of styles that I can make makes me different. If you need a love song, or a motivational song, or a club song I can switch it up. My voice also makes me stand out I have been told by many fans that it is a very attractive quality I have and it easy to distinguish me from other on stage and on songs. Also, the nuances and emotions of what I say in how I say it makes people listen more attentively than they would most other artist my age.

-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?

The goal for me is to create music that motivates and inspires other people and be happy doing it. I would love to create and at lease help develop other business outside of the music, but more than anything I just want to entertain the people the way my favorite artist and musicians have done though out my life. If I can get rich that’s awesome but if I have enough to get by and I am inspiring other people though my influence to be the best they can be I feel like I’m winning.

-Any projects in the works?

As of right now I am helping Fayetteville artist Perignon on his project ‘Sublime Meleanie’ which is coming early 2018 and We are also working on a collab project that we are calling ‘The Wright Brother’ so we definitely are working. I’m dropping a few freestyle and singles right now to just test the waters.

-What are your rates for features?

I do not charge for features. I feel like I am not at a level of popularity to bring value to a person’s career through a feature yet. But I would require a feature in return and if I really like the song we must do a video if possible.

-Whats the best way to get in contact with you if we need work done?

The best way to get in contact with me is my email dmyquise@gmail.com or my instagram @bullcitydion or just leave me a comment on Youtube and I’ll be in touch.

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