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The Black Magic Blog: By QueenNomi

Black Magic. What is Black Magic? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase. Do you feel scared? Does someone discussing or just mention it make you uneasy? Have you ever asked yourself why you are so cautious of black magic?

Most of us were told throughout childhood that black magic is evil or bad. Ever saw a black cat and thought you were going to have bad luck? Yea I’m sure that one sounds real familiar. Blackness in itself has always been deemed the yang to the yin. You see it in movies, especially Disney movies. Remember when Mufasa was killed by his black haired, darker toned, brother Scar? Or When Moana goes out to save her Island tribe from the “darkness” that threatens them. Darkness or blackness has always been perceived as bad and more than likely forever will be viewed this way.

Furthermore, you have the latter term of Black Magic. Magic has always been seen as taboo as well. You add “black” on top of that and you have got yourself a real life double negative in the matrix. Yikes. However, I am here to break those stereotypes. I am here for the reprogramming of you consciousness. I am here as a guide through the darkness and to display how empowering Black Magic can be.

I’m sure many of you are wondering by now when is this women going to tell me what black magic is. Well.. I’m not, well kinda but, not really..just let me explain. Black Magic is me. Black Magic is you. This is the Black Magic Blog. There will be featured write-ups on black spirituality and also topics ranging from higher consciousness to even conversations about astrology. Additionally, I will also display creatives who are expressing their own black Magic for the world to witness This blog will be a guide to my black brothers and sisters on the their spiritual journey looking for clarity and a sense of community and belonging. Trust me, I know how lonely the road on spirituality can be. I am here to assist!

I hope you stay tuned. There is so much to discuss and so little time. Don’t fret I will be back soon.

The Black Magic Blog. Be True. Be You.

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