Best of 2017: My top 25 EP’s

First and foremost, these best of 2017 lists are MY personal favorites of the year.. my opinion.. so don’t get on me for not having a particular project on them.


I actually have 27 so I’m gonna start with 2 honorable mentions since i didn’t wanna leave these 2 off.


HM #1: “sad for you” by Njomza

Njomza is one of Mac Miller‘s artists and she’s truly a gem, I was already drawn by the cover and the songs on here are nice, reminds me a little of Lana Del Rey. “sad for you” & “baggage” are my favorite songs.


HM #2: “Fear Of The Unknown” by Raahiem

I think Rory played one of his songs on Joe’s podcast but this project gives me dvsn vibes and of course some maxwell influence. “dive” & “breathe (interlude)” are my favorite songs.


25. “Colours 2” by partynextdoor

This is some of the best songs i’ve heard since partynextdoor two, p3 was iight but this EP got him back on track. “Peace Of Mind” & “Rendezvous” are my favorite songs.


24. “Confidently Lost” by Sabrina Claudio

I forgot who put me on to her music but i’ve been in love ever since, her voice is pleasing to hear. “Too Much Too Late” & “Orion’s Belt” are my favorite songs.


23. “H.E.R., Vol. 2” by H.E.R.

Another pleasing voice to hear, she gets better with every project.. oh and the beats on this are fire. “Say It Again” & “I Won’t” are my favorite songs.


22. “None Of The Clocks Work” by Amir Obè

Amir has been putting out high quality music ever since he was Phreshy Duzit, he should be bigger than he is.. love this cover too. “Wish You Well” & “Enemies” are my favorite songs.


21. “Passion & Patience” by Ye Ali

TrapHouseJodeci doesn’t miss out here, always putting out that pregnancy scare music. “Closer” & “Mixing” are my favorite songs.


20. “Bong Rips” by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz was lowkey snappin’ on these songs and Chevy & Desiigner came thru with some nice hooks. “Steam Room” & “Credit” are my favorite songs.


19. “The Jetlanta EP” by Cornerboy P, Curren$y & T.Y.

I’m not the biggest fan of Cornerboy P but he sounds good on this and the beats are cold. “Money Put Away” & “I Remember” are my favorite songs.


18. “Nyck @ Knight” by Nyck Caution & Kirk Knight

Clever ass title, Nyck and Kirk both spazzin’ all over this.. a collab project done the right way. “All Night“, “Audiopium” & “Wake up” are my favorite songs.


17. “Magnolia” by Buddy

Mike & Keys really laced Buddy with some fire beats on this, don’t sleep on Buddy. “4 The Record” & “That Much” are my favorite songs.


16. “The Motivational Speech” by Curren$y

Lex Luger blessed Spitta with these beats, i don’t expect nothing less than fire from this duo. “Get To It” & “Lavendar” are my favorite songs.


15. “Fantasy Island” by Jay Worthy

Collabs with The Alchemist are always fire to me and i love this cover. “Stepping Out” & “Lost My Lex” are my favorite songs.


14. “Tell The Truth: Shame The Devil” by Stalley

Never thought i’d see a Stalley featuring Migos song and it sound amazing too. “Jean Jacket“, “Turtle Van” & “My Line” are my favorite songs.


13. “You Only Live 2wice” by Freddie Gibbs

Good to see Gangsta Gibbs back and snappin’ as usual.. this felt like an album. “20 Karat Jesus” & “Crushed Glass” are my favorite songs.

12. “G-Worthy” by Jay Worthy, G Perico & Cardo
This shit is sooo west coast, Cardo really cold wit it.. that G-Funk sound is undefeated. “Ain’t Trippin’“, “Never Miss” & “Scandalous” are my favorite songs.
11. “Rags” by EarthGang
EarthGang really 100% from the field to me, don’t sleep on these dudes.. this cover is fire too. “Meditate” & “Red Light” are my favorite songs.
10. “Woo$ah” by Childish Major
This project came out of nowhere and I never expected it to be this fire going into it, great beats and features. “I Like You“, “No Nightmares” & “NoEyeInTeam” are my favorite songs.
9. “Omertà: The Film” by Lil Eto
V Don becoming one of my favorite producers and i’m mad i was sleeping on Eto. “Live Today“, “Influence” & “The Sun Rey” are my favorite songs.
8. “Still Up” by RetcH
Good to see RetcH free and not missing a step, dropped some fire like he never left.. 2018 gonna be huge for him. “2-Eleven“, “Ordinary” & “I Cannot Go” are my favorite songs.
7. “Blue Notes” by Willie The Kid
Willie & V Don really Jordan and Pippen with the collabs, they compliment each well.. sophisticated bubble coat raps. “Coldest“, “Half Past 7 / Sangre” & “Marc Bucannon / Race Against Time” are my favorite songs.
6. “Space Jam” by Qari
Some of the smoothest beats i’ve heard all year from Mulatto Beats on here, chill flows.. Chicago gems. “Paul Rudd“, “The Motions” & “Picture Perfect” are my favorite songs.


5. “Double A-Side, Vol. 4” by Da$H
Just 2 songs on here but these are fire, chill bangers.. RoseGold Wallie is a gem.
4. “Pre-Rolleds” by Wiz Khalifa
These are some of the best songs i’ve heard from Wiz in the last 2 years, amazing beats. “Duty Calls” & “Water Damage” are my favorite songs.
3. “Half-A-Mil 2” by Dom Kennedy & Hit-Boy
I’d like to personally thank Hit-Boy for bringing us back Dom, he been having him rapping like he care about us again. “Tupac“, “Avirex Leathers” & “Ski Mask Way” are my favorite songs.


2. “P On The Drgs” by Lndn Drgs
I had no idea P On The Boards was this versatile, lacing Lndn Drgs with some smooth ass G-Funk production.. top tier beats on here. “Let Me Be The 1“, “La La” & “Y Not” are my favorite songs.
1. “or more; the anxious” by Mick Jenkins
Mick really dropped a lowkey project just letting you niggas know he raps better than everybody, can’t wait for his album. “C Is For Cash Money“, “A Layover” & “Gucci Bag” are my favorite songs.
Give these a listen if you’ve never heard of them.. you won’t be disappointed.

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