Khyri Talks “Trampoline” and all around Black excellence

Georgetown, South Carolina is home to multi-talented artist Khyri, In addition to excelling in the hip-hop genre, Khyri is motivated by Black excellence, specifically the likes of

Andre 3000, Erykah Badu and Kendrick Lamar.

Much like these three talented powerhouses, Khyri has found a way to brand himself far beyond music creating a platform to not only share great music but to also empower others to achieve their highest potential.
Though when it comes to creating music Khyri can be considered somewhat of a lone wolf. Deciding to produce most if not all of his own music, along with strictly collaborating with artists from his former collective “Neo Canis”.

This specific formula is essentially his key to success, keeping his circle of creativity small has allowed him to create some highly successful singles that have reached an incredible amount of streams on all platforms.

This success has allowed him to perform at the Hive Skate Shop, Conn College and be featured on a number of local blog sites.

As he continues to build momentum Khyri hopes to be nothing but an empowering force who pushes and creates in any way possible!

Lucky more me I was able to interview the rising act about his latest single “Trampoline”

What was the motivation behind creating the track?

Trampoline is a feel-good record, it’s a song that you pull up to the function bumping it with your squad.

How long did it take to create?

The song didn’t take too long to make, about a week. I usually knock out the hook and 1st verse as I cook up the beat, then I take a break and come back to it with a fresh ear.

Who produced the track? 

I produced it myself. I produce most of my own work.

Any features?

No features, all me. My whole project is just me. I like the challenge of having to write 2 verses.

What’s next?

Expect to get some popping visuals soon. I like to keep people on their toes when it comes to music… but I do plan on expanding my sound. But till I drop new music keep it Jumping to that Trampoline!

Twitter: Khyri_K

Instagram: khyri_k

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