Who You Should Hear: WAVEPOOL$HAWTY


Who You Should Hear: WAVEPOOL$HAWTY

“I chose my producer name because I always wanted a house with a wave pool inside.”


Making his first appearance on the IAHHM platform is a producer by way of Columbus, Ohio “WAVEPOOL$SHAWTY”. The son of a drummer and a pianist, Benjamin Danklin musical style varies tremendously as he has been introduced and influenced by many different genres. However his music doesn’t sound like anyone else, due to the fact that he doesn’t try to mimic anyone else and he accepts constructive criticism better than most. The former Hockey standout enjoys music from artists such as Pharrell, Outkast, Stevie Wonder, Gucci Mane, and 3 6 Mafia and enjoyed the way Biggie’s music made you move. Wave Pool is truly enjoying life as he embarks on his music journey using his mpc and keyboard producing on FL Studio, he mostly rides solo besides the friends he’s made on SoundCloud.

Danklin’s heading into 2018 full steam ahead coming off the release of his latest project “WavePool$hawty” a 14 track EP. “My last project really consisted of my favorite tracks that I made over the past year. I wanted to put out a tape of dope songs that all sounded different. I don’t care if someone only liked 2 out of 14 of the songs I really just wanted to have a tape where any fan can fall in love with at least one song.”


Connect with the rising producer below and check out the exclusive Q&A! Where will Wave Pool $hawty rank this month?


Where are you from?

I’m from Messier 77. I live in Columbus Ohio now.

-How did the crew get started?

 I’m solo, I don’t have any crew besides my friends I’ve met through SoundCloud and a few people in my city that I was lucky enough to meet like who I linked up with when I worked at FedEx. but still, I make all my music solo and barely chill with anyone.

-When and how did you get into music?

I’m an alien straight up. I’ve always been around music, like my dad is an amazing drummer for one thing, and then my mother is an amazing pianist. both of them are really big fans of music too, so I’ve gotten to listen to just about every genre during long trips and car rides growing up. my dads really into jazz, funk, and soul, bluegrass, and my mom is the same but she played more rock and music like Aerosmith and the Beatles for me. they both got me into piano lessons when I was really young so producing on fl studio is somewhat natural since I’ve been playing the keys before I even knew I could make my own beats. I made my first mixtape sophomore year of high school and my friend rapped on one of the tracks for me and stole some blank discs from Kroger so I could burn my mixtape and sell it at school for $1 each. people liked it but it was more of a funny tape like I wasn’t taking music seriously at all at the time.

-How did you choose your rap name?  

I chose my producer* name because I always wanted a house with a wave pool inside. but honestly, a lot of my beats are atmospheric and relaxing so my name just fit with the vibe of my tracks. 

How will you change the industry?

change the industry? I swear a lot of these guys making music just look at whats hot and copy that style or try to use it as a template. I don’t get it but if someone makes some music that I think is dope I never try to make something like it or copy, I just play their music for my enjoyment and I’m content with that. I think my sound is really unique because when I start a track I’m just trying to create a vibe and set a mood for the listener. I try to put a positive message on all my interactions with listeners too, even if the song has no lyrics. I don’t want to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do or listen to I just want them to feel good when they listen to my sounds. 

-Who is in your mainstream top 5?

mainstream top 5… easy. Pharrell Williams(all N.E.R.D. and Neptunes is gold), Outkast, Stevie Wonder(I know he’s not hip hop but this man deserves more praise from the hip-hop community because he’s influenced so many artists and spreads positivity through his music and interactions with all people), Three 6 Mafia, and Gucci Mane.

-What motivated or inspired you to record your last project?

My last project really consisted of my favorite tracks that I made over the past year. I wanted to put out a tape of dope songs that all sounded different. I don’t care if someone only liked 2 out of 14 of the songs I really just wanted to have a tape where any fan can fall in love with at least one song. I tried to put together rare melodies because I’m tired of hearing the same recycled music all the time. It just gets old, and I think there are people that feel the same so I made it for the ones who are tired of hearing these carbon copy rappers/producers who just do “whats hot” and have no real creativity or individuality in their music.

-Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music?

Yes, I quit taking benzos in 2012 or something which really ruined my creative process for a while because I was in an awful and irritable mood daily. I lost most of my friends because I was miserable to be around which makes sense but I’m blessed to have a great family and a few friends that I see as family. I was really unhealthy at the time so I started playing hockey again. I quit playing during high school but I had been playing since I was about 10. Me and one of my friends used to go to the rink like 3-4 days a week and play for fun but I would go home and workout and practice stickhandling. I was getting really good and considering traveling somewhere to try out for an ECHL team or one of the lower professional leagues because I heard they get paid enough to make a living. I ended up tearing my meniscus and having to get knee surgery which was kind of a blessing because it led me to get back into music seeing as I couldn’t play hockey for a few months, it was a really bad tear. I still play but I don’t focus on it like I used to. I’m glad that happened because I think I can help a lot more people through music than I can by playing hockey.

Whose side were you on.? Biggie Or Pac?

I’m not picking sides because honestly, i think the beef between the two of them was fueled by people other than themselves, which is truly sad how people will influence you to ruin something great for their own gain. With that said, I hands down like B.I.G.s music more. I think his beat selection was way better than Pacs and his wordplay is better too. Pac is great but Biggies songs really got my attention and make me want to move the way music should.

If you had one song of yours to perform on national tv which would it be? 

hands down, COOCHI ON MY FACE

If you were offered a perfect distribution/sponsorship from every major company in America which company would suit you and your brand the most?

probably adidas or 1907 water

-What is your favorite movie? Favorite actor?

favorite movie is Paid in Full and my favorite actor is Denzel Washington

-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far?

  Honestly, I think every day I’m alive I enjoy a little bit more. just sitting and thinking i learn more about myself and how to improve my life. I have breakthroughs every day. Maybe the best time was one of the times i was on ketamine with my friends. I’ve only tried it a handful of times and I’m not trying to promote it but I really love the feeling I get from that stuff

-What equipment and software do you use to record/produce?

I use an mpc, and a keyboard hooked up to FL Studio to produce.

-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist?

Things that make me unique, would be my swag like the way i dress. I don’t get any influence from anyone on what to wear I just find dope pieces and buy them. Another thing is my tracks don’t sound like anyone because I don’t try to mimic or create a similar sound to anyone, I just sit down and get an idea going and build on it. and lastly, i like to get feedback from people, especially negative because it helped me grow so much.

-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?

I’ve had people say they think my music is pure trash and it motivated me to improve and in the end, I have got that same person nodding their head to my new jam. that’s a great feeling honestly to turn a hater into a fan or at least to gain their respect

-What are your rates for features?

if I really dig your music then we can work for free and I expect the same from you. for those that I don’t necessarily want to work with, its 150$ for an exclusive beat and 30$ for a lease. as far as rapping goes, if you want me to rap on your song I just won’t if I don’t get inspired by the beat, simple as that. I also rap well.

-Whats the best way to get in contact with you if we need work done?

the best way to contact me is my cell phone which is 6145192561 or by email at wavepoolshawty@gmail.com or my twitter


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