SauceGala 2018

Tons of creatives under one roof. Art from all over North Carolina. New fashion as well as retro looks. MC’s showcasing their bars. A buffet of wings & cakes next to brightly colored-custom shades. This is Sauce Gala 2018: A Visual Fantasy brought to us by Milan Hightower.
DJ Stampede blessed us with smooth sets throughout the expo as vendors displayed their art. From canvases, to photography, wigs, live body paintings, and much more. Artgaang stood out to me with her custom horoscope sketches and carefree style. Maiven Mcknight also had some dope pieces I noticed. Sometime throughout the show she even used a spray paint can and a lighter to create a flamethrower for a piece she made live.
I caught up with Raleigh bred rapper Jon DaCom after his fire set. When asked about his origin in the rap game Jon told me “Man honestly I used to tell girls I was a rapper before I even made music. My pops came home with a mic and from there I said fu*k it Ima rapper foreal now.” Nipsey Hussle sits at the top of Jon’s favorite rapper list right now and I can see why. One thing they share is a smooth flow. If you don’t have Jon DaCom in your playlist yet, you need to look him up.
The SauceGala continued to show us a good time throughout more performances. The 006Set including Kumor006, Fendi006, & Swaggjesuz006 rocked the stage. Kumor brings a hometown feel to his flow while Fendi gives you that gritty ‘fanta’ driven energy that makes you wanna shake your dreads. Hasani Jai was the definition of grown and sexy when she hit the stage. Sporting a fit pieced by Iverson Trollinger, she and her dancers gave us sultry and sensual vibes while her vocals captivated the crowd. I don’t think anyone had more crowd control than Kris Rich. The “Hood Nigga With Class” immediately turned the crowd up as soon as the beat dropped. YNDI gear took over the stage as Kris walked down and rapped along with a few females in front. If you are looking for other-worldly bars then holla at my man Spaceman Stu. I was exposed to “FolkRap” as NigeHood calls it while I nodded my head to a track off his latest EP “FUNKSHUN”. When it comes to downright bars & knowledge you won’t find a better storyteller than Tymain Robins.Don’t trip, there’s more 4 u” out March 30th. Do yourself a favor and add it to your list.
Milan managed to bring together an insanely appealing fashion show. It included designers like Pish Posh & Roole. The scene was comprised of a forest, city lights, and a diner backdrop. Whoever created that set, shout out to you! 3rd Dimension topped off the show with a groovy performance, paired with 3D-glasses, and while revealing a few pieces from their upcoming ‘Safety’ clothing line. These guys remind me of power rangers every time I see them. I wouldn’t be surprised if next show they come out with laser guns. 3rd Dimension brings such a cinematic presence to the stage.
If the tickets for SauceGala 2019 dropped tomorrow, I’d be the first one in line. Shout out to Jaconna of Everything Boisterous & Colby Cornell for a fantastic job hosting a dope event.


  • Calvin Anderson @gapfr0

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