AS OF 4/3/2018

What’s up Y’all? 1/4 of 2018 is already gone.. We have been back on this new platform for 3 full months and last month we hit 200K in views on WP. Our highest total so far so GOD BLESS everyone and thank you so much. So now, we would like to introduce a new element to the community which is the official IAHHM POWER RANKINGS letting you see where you rank if you have been featured on our platform since the rebirth.  Now that we have the Power Rankings element added here we will be thinking of an incentive for all of you. Such as: Paid Shows, Payment for a certain threshold of streams, Discounts to IAHHMSHOP.com, Merch and more. To be eligible for the Power Rankings you have to accumulate no less than 1,000 views on your video, article, interview, song, or project on IAHHM. The great thing about this is that it brings out a competitive side to the site, we have been working hard on the PR side adding more platforms for you guys to get featured on. We have also added Views and Medals to spotlight your accomplishments on the way. Artists with interviews, Projects, Videos, Etc, with over 1K Views will be recognized as BRONZE. 10K is SILVER, 50K is GOLD, and 100K is Platinum. Because we have artists that are featured on here mulitple times, we count CUMULATIVE VIEWS as well and we will recognize you as a BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, Or Platinum ARTIST as earned.  We will update these rankings every 2 weeks! So definitely keep checking back. Artists who have not quite cracked 1K yet don’t be discouraged, there’s so much time and so much more music to be put out it’s anybody’s game! Keep dropping heat, keep coming back to us because we will always show love and give you the acknowledgment and recognition you deserve. Here are the IAHHM POWER RANKINGS:


TOP 10.


Taylor J 6.1KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: “White Rain, (2X) “Coolin Till My Second Album Drops” (3X) “ONLY US” (1X)

DamarTheEmcee 3.6K IAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: Unorthodox Poetry Pieces” (2X) “GXDEMCEE EP” (1X), “Geez Luieez”(1X)

ZAAY 3.6KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: “Level Up”(1X), “Monster”(1X) “Level Up(Official Video)(1X)

Tyhiem 3.6KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE:  “Who You Should Hear” Article (1X), “Dirty Blessings”(1X), “Next Chapter”(1X)

MidlowHIGH 3.3K

IAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: “The Come Up Article”, “See You There”

KingIkeem 3.2KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: “Chess Moves”, “SWAMP”


Cheeza 3KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: Lord Megazord(1X), Serious Wingo EP(1X),

Saturn, Alexander 3KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: The Come Up Article(2X)

CHLO 3KIAHHM CERTIFIED BRONZE: The Story Behind(2K), Focus(1K)

Jackie Spade 2.8K 

LOWZ 2.7K 

Trap Jones 2.5K 

Pappa G 2.5K

Ahmad Latif 2.5K

Lil Oxxy 2.4K


Duhart 2.3K

Supa Ju 2.3K

Khovu 2.2K

Juhovah 2.1K

Big Taz 2.1K

Dom Wick 2K

Jayden Martelle 2K

 Shy Boog 2K

 William Prize 2K

Fvrdck 2K

Bizzy 1.8K

B.C.  1.7K

Gold Rollie Boddie 1.6K 

Mone Roc 1.6 K

Jamal Gasol 1.4K

BloodShot 1.4K

Dynasty 1.4K 

Timmy G 1.4K


OG Dynasty 1.3K 

Finesse 1.3K 

Scottie Armonie 1.3K 

Quiel 1.3K

Bravo Biddy 1.3K

Braggin Rights 1.2K 

Lil Probz 1.2K 


8Bit Rex 1.1K

Jamie Ray 1.1K

Wavy Kash 1.1K

Javi Flame 1.1K 

Pumaxay 1.1K

Coca Kazi 1.1K

Rome Streets 1K

TMason 1K

Phonic 1K

CarolinaaDreams 1K

Jaqual 1K

Cidy Pyramids 1K


Larry Kush 1K 

Faze 1K 

FredTheGxd 1K

FlapJackk 1K

Nathi 1K

SkyGodSpence 1K 

Deej 1K

CokeBoy Zach 1K

Cleva C 1K

Poloboy 500 1K



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