“In Celebration Of Us” album review.


The Brooklyn legend Skyzoo back with another album, the most underrated.. they say New York is missing that premier rapper.. king of New York.. why not mention Skyzoo? He’s skilled and hasn’t dropped a weak project his whole career.

15 tracks on this with features from Raheem Devaughn and more.

Baker’s Dozen” immediately stood out to me because the beat along with the Raheem Devaughn feature reminds me of some throwback D’Angelo.. vintage feel, i also love the Drake sample towards the end with the scratches… and “Heirlooms & Accessories“… the beat change and change of flow…. oh my god, so fire.. caught me way off guard.. then the ending of the song is a woman speaking on black people and how we are and reparations, what a track man.. ran that back a few times… then we have “Black Sambo“, what a BEAT.. oh and “The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace”“.. the smoothest beat man.. last but not least.. the final track, the 2nd half.. what a moment, talking about both parents playing a part in a young man’s life and not understanding until adulthood.. the mirror image of the movie “Boys In The Hood.. puts things in perspective for parenthood.. but the production on here is amazing.. flows start to finish.. lots of bars too, give this a listen.. a lot to take in but you won’t be disappointed.

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