Verified Moves: Kiyana Walker

Once a dancer, ALWAYS a dancer. It’s a mood, a vibe, a whole lifestyle truly lol. Well “THIS FOR ALL MY DANCING H***” is my Cardi B voice. Meet my former classmate, Kiyana Walker, 22 year old Maryland native dance student attending University of North Carolina in Greensboro. I’ve been literally watching this girl grow up in my eyes as a dancer and the time is now that she finally receives credit for flourishing in her dancing highlights.

She’s been dancing since she was younger and only been perfecting her craft since. “My mother put me in ballet classes as soon as i could walk. I would attended classes regularly just because i was told to. And i was very young so i didn’t really know this is what i loved.” Not being able to longer attend class due to money being tight, Kiyana continued on to dance without classes for months where she realized she REALLY loved to dance. So she “did what she could” which lead to her pulling up dance videos on YouTube, you know we LOVE YouTube lol, and learn the routines in her living room. Her dance experience ranged from receiving opportunities in dancing for community and church projects amongst anything else she could find. “As the years went on, I knew dance was what i wanted to do.”
She waited patiently to be able to train properly again and that time came when she reached high school, where i met her in dance class with the amazing teacher Robin Palmer. She also had the opportunity to dance for the marching bands auxiliary team, in which she then took on both and began back training and dancing on the regular. “I knew right away this is what i wanted forever.”
She soon made her way around her college campus and began to teach her OWN class “Class with Ki” since she loved teaching her own choreography and enjoyed helping her peers perfect their craft. She began her own heels class which benefited her by getting better at what she loved and also assist in her students providing them an experience they’ve never had before.
She’s also an active member on her campus dance team labeled “Collaborations Dance Crew”. She’s now going on her fourth year with the group where she is now a captain and choreographer for the team. She credits them deeply saying she wouldn’t be anywhere near where she is today as a dancer if it wasn’t for the group.
Closing out this dope write up i had the opportunity to take on, it was only right that I asked Ki where did she see the height of her dance career going and this is what she had to say: Very far. Success for myself is very important. I plan on performing for famous artists, traveling to teach, and many other things. However, I don’t want this journey to be all about me. I plan to help and push others to be the greatest performers they can be. My main goal is to create the opportunity for less fortunate performers to receive the training they deserve, because I was once that girl who couldn’t dance since it was too expensive. I would like to  provide funds and scholarships to those children and/or adults who want the chance to work on their passion. That is my goal and once I achieve that, I will have reached the peak of my career.

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