Verified Artist of the Week: Izzy


“I’m a person who’s been broken down and put back together over and over again. Disloyalty, hatred, backstabbing is what changed me for the better.”

These are the words of mike Isbel, born legendary on the 12th of February. At Twenty-five years old, he’s been through things that even a 1/3 of his peers couldn’t face on their own two feet. Growing up in a “not so good” household and bouncing around from house to house since the age of six years old with a mother consumed to the street and drug life, mike suffered from an enduring pain, with the lack of love from his own mother. And yes, that shit takes a toll on an individual and causes one to not know how to love or love the same way they’ve been loved. “To know that she was and still is in the streets and to knowI was always around drugs took a toll on my mind.”

The thing about Mike “Izzy” Isbel is that he’s ALWAYS been a hustler. He took notes from his Uncle. And even though he didn’t have much direct contact with his own father during his life, his uncle always kept in touch. The most influential person in mikes life that has got him where he is today would be his grandfather. “He was there with me when i had (foot) ball dreams and started doing other things outside of sports although he doesn’t know what exactly i do. He just knows I’m working my hardest to get where i need to be.”
Mike has a total of six siblings his grind is dedicated to that he refuses to let down. With that intro being given, allow me to introduce you to a #VerifiedArtist new to IAMHIGHOPMAG: Izzy, the artist against all odds. Did i mention he’s not just headstrong I’m the streets but he’s graduated from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke? Yea, we’re pretty multi faced when it comes to our character around here. Since graduating he’s released quite a few music projects which can be downloaded TODAY on Spinrilla hosted by the infamous DjBeezy. When y’all get time, check them out, it’ll put you back “in your bag” for the rest of 2018.

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