Long Time Coming: Meet Shy Boog

Long Time Coming: Meet Shy Boog 

This article is long awaited, but has been delayed due to the hack, so first and foremost I want to thank Shy Boog for his extreme patience and understanding! 


Now jumping right into it we have a rising artist from Goldsboro, NC who goes by the name Shy Boog. Shy has been rapping since the age of 10 because he’s always felt like he’s had a story to tell. His latest project “RNS The Mixtape” is doing fairly well for the young artist who is currently working on 2 more projects “Smooth Shyt Only” and “Transforming Pain Into Power. Shy Boog is definitely an artist you should hear and take notice of. We want to personally welcome him to the iamhiphopmag family and we’re rooting for him to do well on our charts. Stream his latest project below and check out our exclusive Q&A. More articles to come! 



Where are you from ?
My name is Shy Boog and I’m from a small town called Goldsboro, NC!


-When and how did you get into music?


I got into rap when I was about 10 years old because that was the first time I actually ever got the feel of being in the studio. I always felt like I had a story to tell and I would always like to tell it through music because of the things I’ve been through in my lifetime.


-How did you choose your rap name ?

I chose the name Shy Boog because My name is Shahim(Shy-heem) but my nickname is Shy and I also played basketball coming up so a lot of people said I was so nice with ball that it looks like I was dancing with it so they called me boogy but I shortened it to Boog!

-What is your motivation?

My motivation really is my family,my loved ones who are no longer here, my father being incarcerated and also my lady!


I started off playing basketball but honestly I lost so many people growing up I felt like I had to express myself through the music and that was the only way I could kind of cope with the pain and suffering.


-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far?

Some of my favorite and enjoyable moments so far was winning the Coast2coast showcase this past May in Raleigh,NC. I also then went to perform again in the Coast2coast showcase in Miami and honestly it was a great way to get my name out there and network!


-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist?


3 things that make me unique as an artist: Speaking straight Facts, Smoothness, my own style!


-Where do you see yourself going with this? 

With this music I could really see myself going on tour and doing a bunch of shows! I also see myself making music with some of my favorite artist in the game right now who are: Corey Finesse, J.Cole, Nipsey Hussle and Phor from Chicago.



-Any projects in the works?

I’m working on my 2nd solo tape right now Called “Smooth Shyt Only” and Also Working on another tape as well called “Transforming Pain Into Power.


-Whats the best way to get in contact with you if we need work done?


” If you want to get in contact with me you could email me at Shahim.graham@gmail.com You can also follow me on twitter @NLMB_Boog . Instagram: @NLMB_Boog

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