“Memories Don’t Die” album review.

If you watched Tory Lanez‘s Breakfast Club interview he explains a lot of this album.. “Memories Don’t Die” being a continuation from his debut album “I Told You“.. and that he’s working on a film to go along with it.. which probably explains why he’s into having lots of skits.

18 songs and features on here from Future, Mansa, Nav, 50 Cent, Fabolous, Davo, Paloma Ford and Wiz Khalifa.

The thing I love about Tory is when he has beat changes.. they’re so smooth.. “Benevolent” was great for that.. “I’ll sing to a bitch and make her wet then go stand on a nigga” was a line from his interview that stood out to me, it was hilarious because he’s so small.. but basically saying how he can sing the panties of a chick then give you aggressive bars as well.. you get a lot of different vibes on this album from Tory.. I equally enjoy the singing and rapping.. “Pieces” with 50 stood out to me too because I was curious how it would sound and it’s basically Tory telling a crazy family story which ends up with multiple deaths.. vivid lyrics.. deep song, not sure if I enjoy this more than “I Told You” but solid album.

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