“Dear Annie” album review.

If you haven’t heard of Rejjie Snow, he’s a 24 rapper from Ireland.. his accent and flow gives him a unique sound, I became a fan when i heard his “Rejovich” project a few years ago.. “Dear Annie” is his debut album.

There’s 20 tracks on here but this project flows so smoothly you don’t even realize it’s that many.. AminĂ© makes an appearance on here.

Album starts off with the “Hello” intro, this sounds so beautiful.. the vocals along with the beat.. you can never go wrong with live instruments blending in with the beat.. the “Dear Annie” singing is so catchy too.. a lot of these songs are just so smooth and at times I get a vintage feel with certain songs such as “23“, “Pink Lemonade“, “Oh No!“, “Egyptian Luvr“, “The Ends” & “The Rain“.. almost reminds me of some beats Erykah Badu would be on.. love this album start to finish.. he exceeded my expectations here, give this a listen.

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