“Born 2 Ball” mixtape review.

Lonzo Ball aka Zo from the Los Angeles Lakers dropped a tape??? While he was injured??? Most people are upset like “why are you rapping when you should be focused on basketball?” I agree to a certain extent but… it’s a Big Baller Brand thing.

17 tracks on here annnnnnd it’s too much Kenneth Paige on here, not really feeling the features from him.

Zo can actually rap…. interesting, he’s got a nice flow and stays on beat.. can’t even hate on this, the songs that stood out to me were the singles “Get Off“, “BBB“, “Zo2” and “Super Sayian“… cold beats and he’s just flowing… no cuss words either, you can play this around your kids and old folks.. another song that stood out… “Lavar“, you can’t tell me that don’t sound like 2009 Drake.. the flow and beat.. he even looks like drake in his early days, it’s hilarious but it works for him.. I enjoyed this tape for the most part.. I want him to focus getting better at basketball though.

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