Beaumont, Texas is home to Al B Fresh a true renaissance man and lyrist

Beaumont, Texas is home to Al B Fresh a true renaissance man and lyrist. After playing football at the collegiate level and later professionally overseas, Al B quickly released that while sports was one of his passions Music also held a place in his heart. Influenced by a few of Hip Hop’s lyrical songsmiths Tu-Pac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Andre 3000, Al b looked to refine a sound that pulled from them and attached a more classical and fined tune.

As a testament to this image, Al B has released singles such as  “Crescent City Nights” with visuals shot in New Orleans and “Cherie” shot in Paris. Both of which have done well in streaming numbers, allowing him to perform all over the country, in iconic venues from ‪House of Blues‬ to Warehouse Live.

His most recent single “Different” is an ode to his personal vibe and the energy he omits. He’s accompanied this release with impeccable visuals shot in Mexico City and a brand new flow. As streaming numbers continue to grow Al B has decided to work on a collaborative project with his official DJ and producer, DJ Gloss entitled “Intellectual Hustler”. In this project, Al B looks to distinguish himself as more than a rapper, and instead an artist who as he puts it “creates art and is seen as such”.

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