The Come Up: Polo500 (Bar None)

The Come Up: Polo500 (Bar None) 

Making his first appearance on the IAHHM platform is an upcoming artist from Dumfries, VA Polo 500. Polo 500 got his start in the music industry by actually ghostwriting around his homies in the studio. After being incarcerated for 4 years, Polo took that time to hone his craft as a songwriter and lyricist. Aspiring to be the top “Slab Rapper” in the game, Polo 500 is currently working on new projects and ” V Card 2″ should be on the way shortly. Check out our full interview with Polo500, and connect with him below. Where will Polo 500 rank this month? leave comments!

Where are you from?  

I am from Dumfries, Va 

How did the crew get started? 
I used to go to to the studio with my homies and just soak in the game. I wrote everyday some days I’d write like 10 Songs. I really started as a ghostwriter.
-When and how did you get into music? 
I was incarcerated for 4 years shortly before that I had really just started to take an interest and instead of quitting I occupied my time on perfecting being a songwriter.
-How did you choose your rap name? 
I got my name in high school cuz fr I only rocked polo for awhile and the 500 has a lot of meanings that’s too long to list lol.
How will you change the industry? 
To be honest I never thought of it like that I just wanted to tell my story.
-Who is in your mainstream top 5? 
-What motivated or inspired you to record your last project? 
I always wanted a slab so I bought that bih and the vibes I got from digging through crates from my days in the Midwest it made me come up with my version of Slab Music.
-Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music? 
Yes I’m the type of dude whos gotta have more than one hustle one thing might be moving slow you gotta have a backup plan there’s nothing wrong with that as long as your trying to do better 
Whose side were you on.? Biggie Or Pac? 
Pac but I loved Big though 
If you had one song of yours to perform on national tv which would it be? 
She my thug or Money power Bricks
If you were offered a perfect distribution/sponsorship from every major company in America which company would suit you and your brand the most? Texan wire wheels, pink dolphin, Buick, gm, DOPE clothing and of course Ralph Lauren.
-What is your favorite movie? Favorite actor? 
Juice was and is my favorite movie but a close second is above the rim
-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far? 
Performing at a club last year after back surgery hadn’t performed in over a year and I and cuz killed it. That was momentum for me.
-What equipment and software do you use to record/produce?
Logic and protools
-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist? 
My storytelling ability, my versatility, and my beat selection
-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?
I see myself finding my niche and continuing to build my brand as well as others I’m all about trying to help all up and coming artists cuz this shit ain’t easy alone.
-Any projects in the works?
Yes, I have multiple projects finished; four to be exact but V Card 2  featuring Kene P will be dropping any day now.
-What are your rates for features? 
-Whats the best way to
contact you if we need work done?
My phone is always beside me and my Ig is a good way as well.

Twitter: the_realpolo500

Ig: the_real_polo500
Soundcloud : polo 500 aka Bar None

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