“Vacation In Hell” album review.

When you hear conversations about the kings of New York, why doesn’t anyone bring up Flatbush Zombies? These guys have their own unique sound.. each member has a distinctive voice.. their music is what you get when you throw golden era hip-hop, current hip-hop, alternative and rock all into one melting pot.. their influences go from Biggie to Nirvana.. their music is underrated and underappreciated but here we have “Vacation In Hell“.

Loaded with 19 tracks from so many fire features from Joey Bada$$, A$AP Twelvyy, Bun B, Jadakiss, Portugal. The Man, Dia, Dave B., Nyck Caution and Denzel Curry… every feature made sense, Bun B and Jadakiss caught me off guard.

If you watched their breakfast club interview you find out that the title “Vacation In Hell” isn’t any demonic type shit so don’t let that scare you away… it means making the best of your hard times in life.. this album is a lot to take in and digest.. lots of topics on here from being black in america, politics, depression, drugs, trash rappers, duality.. so many fire songs but the main song that caught me was “YouAreMySunshine” about the passing of A$AP Yams.. Meechy Darko giving his perspective on his death and being with him during his last moments and how it changed his life… maaaan the hurt in his voice, the beat and singing almost made me cry.. definitely a tear jerker.. I felt it because Yams was really the leader of a movement beyond A$AP Mob… beast coast in general.. oh and I attended a show by them recently and had the time of my life, I appreciate their music even more than I already did.. so give this a play.. it’s a great listen start to finish.

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