“Care For Me” album review.

Saba is just another example of how diverse and talented Chicago is as a whole, it’s crazy to see.. he’s come a long way and it’s dope to see the growth.. this is his most personal and deep project yet,. “Care For Me“.

Straight to the point with 10 songs.. features from theMIND and Chance The Rapper.

Did I tell you this was his most personal and deep album? Cause man I felt a lot of this album for myself.. “Broken Girls” hit me the most.. “i’m in love with broken girls“.. dealing with women who have been tainted from previous dudes, insecurities or dad issues.. “Fighter” was one too, “i don’t wanna fight no more cause i’m not a fighter” and yooo the beat change towards the end of this song… woah. Saba is an underrated storyteller, i was impressed.. i seen a lot of people talking about this album so it’s good to see he’s getting the attention he deserves, peep this.

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