The Come Up: Saturn, Alexander

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The Come Up: Saturn, Alexander

“Always act out of love and not fear.”

Making her first appearance on the IAHHM platform is the rising artist from South Jersey Saturn, Alexander. She grew up in a church-every Sunday household in the town of Sicklerville, where the only acceptable music to listen to was Gospel. Without cable, she and her two brothers used to watch the same, recorded episodes of Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon over and over again. She fell in love with music through the churches on both her mom and dad’s sides, but growing up on a funny combination of solely Gospel and amine meant that Saturn’s creative work is uniquely organic, not having been directly influenced by musicians before her. Saturn’s music has necessarily come from within.

Still holding her family close, Saturn goes about her life the way she goes about her creative process: open to anything that moves her. As evidenced by her music, what frequently moves her are anime and video game samples, bright sounds, house tidbits, soul, and anything that sounds like live instruments (an affinity she attributes to her days in church). In PrettyP!nk, a track off her 2016 EP IOU that first got Saturn major attention, she showed that she can mix pink, girly vibes with Zelda samples and top it all off with a flow to rival your favorite rapper.

Saturn’s upcoming EP, Spectrum, brings the same eclectic mix of sounds you can expect from her, while
nudging her audience to consider the nondualist perspective she has had for years. In Saturn’s world, nothing is black and white; everything exists on a spectrum. The first single off Spectrum, *Low End Theory featuring Cicero and üb3rgrl, is a testament to her versatility, pulling in bubbly sounds and airy vibes. In this EP, as in everything Saturn creates, she hopes to brighten the world by opening up her audience to a wider perspective, drawing you in with playful beats, and then confronting you with lyrics that will make you think twice. Connect with Saturn, Alexander and be on the lookout for Spectrum this year! 



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