“1st Baptist” album review.

Pac Div back!? Has it really been 6 whole years since we got some Pac Div? You know 6 years in hip-hop is like 30 years so it feels like they’re brand new artists in this current age of hip-hop.. if you’re not hip, definitely go back and listen to the west coast gems.. but finally we have “1st Baptist“.

10 tracks with no features.

After listening to this I realized how much I missed these guys.. they always brought a unique vibe to hip-hop, they have this mix of tongue-in-cheek humor and lyrical raps.. and definitely influenced by golden age hip-hop.. lots of hilarious lines on here like on “Stoked“… “..it’s hella bitches and i’m not broke? Nigga I am stoked!!” you’ll definitely be entertained by their lines… the song that stood out to me was “Gorgeous“.. this beat is sooo blissful and smooth.. this reminds me of some old Tribe Called Quest, Common or Slum Village.. this whole album is a nice listen start to finish, all types of vibes.. peep this.

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