On A New Wave With Wavy Kash

On A New Wave With Wavy Kash

Making his first appearance on the IAHHM.com platform is Wavy Kash from South Central Florida. Influenced by the Wave God Max B, Wavy Kash is looking to take the Hoodmade Ent brand to new heights in 2018. Very business savvy. Kash looks to venture into clothes and movies on top of being a successful artist. Kash is currently working on a new project “Yung Sicario Nigga Mixtape” coming later on this year. Check out music from the Wavy one and be on the lookout for more coming real soon. 


Where are you from ?

South Central Florida

-When and how did you get into music

Music has always been apart of my life And influence , My best friend started his own label “Hoodmade Ent” back in 2007.. I just took my part and ran with it .. I really took it all serious in 2012 after I came back from college ..

-How did you choose your rap name ?

My rap name is influenced by Max B the creator of the Wave , I get money so the rest is self explanatory

-Do you feel as if this is your most important project to date ?

No I’m only getting started

-What motivated or inspired you to record this project ?

Just the essence and finesse I carry as an individual living and existing in the real work from my point of view
-Has there been any time in your journey where you felt like pursuing something else instead of music
Of course I’m a well rounded individual when it comes to wanting to be successful in my own rite whether its finances or personal gain .. Its always been that voice in the back of my head telling me I should always keep music as part of the plan

-Tell me some of your biggest and/or most enjoyable moments so far?Taking the indie route and incorporating myself not just as an artist , but an entertainer I have a brand with a goal .. the experiences so far in this journey has been either a win or a lesson

-Name 3 things that make you unique as an artist

I have my own voice it’s unique from the generic sound you here from most artist
My own “drip” “sauce”, never worry about me wanting to be like the next man
I really was getting too the money before this music

-Where do you see yourself going with this? What are your big plans?

Becoming successful as an indie artist and establish my brand in other lanes wether it be with clothes or movies

My plans it too drop a few mixtapes , complete a promo run for “Wavy Kash” gear and secure a couple sponsors ..

-Any projects in the works?
Be on the look out for that “Yung Sicario Nigga Mixtape”

IG: Hoodmade_WavyKash
Twitter: @iSlaughter_Hoes
SC: Wavygleesh_007
Email: Wavykashbooking@gmail.com

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