Get Familiar with Cleveland artist De Niro Banxx

Maple Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio is home to rapper De Niro Banxx. When asked De Niro cites his main musical influences as the many Hip-Hop lyricists he spent his youth listening to. Everyone from Nelly to T. I, J. Cole, and early Drake.


At a young age, he perfected his craft by rapping for fun with friends and family, though it wasn’t long before he realized he was quite the wordsmith. Leading to his decision to take music seriously. Since then Banxx has used his music as an outlet to express who he is as a creative, touching on his struggles and dreams. All while managing to use his lyrics to help others in similar situations.


Currently, Banxx is focused on becoming a household name. In doing so he has been featured on blog sites such as, and as well as worked with producers and artists including E-Money, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Meel, DJ Steph Floss, Clockwork Music Group and many more. While also performing on various mainstream stages such as the 2017’s SXSW Monster Stage, A3C Showcase, and has appeared at venues like Anatomy Nightclub, Liquid Lounge, and Phantasy.

When it comes to music Banxx‘s previous “No Feature” project, “Banxx” which debuted October 30th of 2017, showcased without a doubt his undeniable talent. The project took four to six months to finish and was produced by Clockwork Music Group.


While the project did do well he projects his recent project “44137” will do even better. Featuring the perspective top single “Tristan Thompson” inspired by an NBA game where the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit win.

The track itself was as he puts it “One for the underdogs! those who may feel as though things are impossible; it’s a reminder that anyone can still obtain any goal.”

As Banxx continues to grow as an artist The 216 native has since begun work on more tracks for his new project set to release on all streaming platforms in the coming months


Twitter: denirobanxx216


Ig: denirobanxx


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