“In The Comfort Of” album review.

I could tell from the cover art that this album was gonna be a whole vibe and I was right… plus it’s Sango, he’s amazing with the production and putting the right artists in the perfect spots.. “In The Comfort Of” is full of this.

17 tracks with lots of features with great voices.. Smino, JMSN, Jesse Boykins III, Xavier Omär and many more.

Listening to this project, i noticed it has a religious undertone to it, from the song titles to some of the lyrics.. references to God a lot and even the beats just sound so godly too.. God had a hand in crafting these beats, literally gives you life when you hear them.. “Speak” is a song that stood out the most to me.. it’s beautiful.. played way too many times before I continued listening to the rest of the album.. this project was WELL put together.. give this a listen.

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