Jus O Show’s Growth With Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations: The Album

Philly native, Jus O does not follow the hype of trap beats and the turnt up culture. With a smooth sound, Jus O’s sound reminds you of the other side of Hip Hop. The side of Hip Hop where lyrics and content matters. Where it’s less about the trap and a Rollie on your wrist, but more about perfecting your craft and growing.

If you followed Jus O earlier in his rap career, he was uneasy about pursuing music, moving forward with the passing of his father, and dealing with relationships. Along with him, his music has grown. Never Felt Better was Jus O allowing us to see his vulnerable side. Dealing with life issues can be hard, but the music is his therapy.

Fast forward to 2018, Jus O released his self-titled album. He went from rapping through his problems, to dealing with them head on. He’s not the same O from his last project.  “I’m no longer scared of being great. I used to subconsciously doubt myself. I found myself comparing my growth to the growth of other’s which lead to depression. Again. I had been there before. But now, I can confidently say that I’m good. I’m over my fears. I’m ready to show the world and most importantly myself, what I’m truly made of. I always knew I had a gift since about 18. I’m just now peeling the wrapping paper off 7 years later.”

With influences stemming from J. Cole and Nipsey Hussle, be prepared to add some variety to those playlists filled with sub-base kick drums. Listen to Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations here:

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