“A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable” album review.

Murs is one of those types of rappers where you won’t hear much about him but he’s respected in hip-hop… very underrated, lyricist from Los Angeles.. solid catalog of music.. now we have “A Strange Journey Into The Unimaginable”.

14 songs produced entirely by Michael “Seven” Summers, with features from John Givez, Tech N9ne, Fashawn, XV (haven’t seen that name in forever, good to see him back) and more.

This is a very vulnerable album from Murs, revealing a lot of things in his life from saying he never laughed at Tyrese’s tears because he cried a whole year without his son.. losing his newborn.. going through divorce, makes you wanna ask God why is life like this.. why so hard and stressful? This album is packed with a lot of gems and emotions.. songs that stood out to me was “Same Way“, having beef with a chick’s family he’s seeing “i know ya friends don’t like me, tell ’em i feel the same way“… and “Superhero Pool Partyis a creative cool song about a bedtime story, so many superheros named on here and it’s hilarious, i love this album.. might be my favorite from him, peep this.

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