“No Time To Explain” album review.

You probably never heard of Qari but (i’ve said this countless times) he’s another gem from Chicago with his own flow and style.. that’s the thing about Chicago, everybody is talented and unique in their own way.. his latest work “No Time To Explain“.

9 songs on here all produced by Mulatto Beats and Cangelosi.

The beats on here are magnificent.. every single beat, and Qari comes through with his flow riding all these beats effortlessly.. all these songs are great but the song that stood out to me was “For Django“.. this is my favorite beat of 2018.. I can it a delicate banger.. Qari has become one of my favorite underground rappers on the come up.. give this a listen.. he also has an EP with Mulatto Beats called “Space Jam“.. fire as well.

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